Monday, November 19, 2012

One Week Old!

It is hard to believe our little one is already one week old. And what a week of adventures we've had!

We had lots of visitors at the hospital come to meet Iyla. Her Mimi & Grampy (my parents) were there the night she was born and came to visit us each day.

Iyla with her Mimi

 With cousins Shanny & Heather

Auntie Lisa, AKA "The Baby Whisperer"

First family photo

 Sweet baby girl

After a 2 night stay at St. David's North Medical Center, it was finally time to head home! We couldn't wait.

November 14th: Iyla tries out her car seat for the first time & heads home

We love having our little one home with us! I think she liked it too.

Once home, we discovered all the clothes we had were way too big on Iyla- even the newborn sizes! So we rocked the t-shirt/leggings look

We found the Moses Basket to be a perfect spot for napping

 More visitors! Here Julie & Lily come by to visit.
Her Auntie Carey and Auntie Dianne also came to hold and cuddle her.

November 15th, 3 days old and her first trip to the Pediatrician. Her bilirubin levels had been a bit high leaving the hospital, so we had to re-check them at the Pedi. She was a brave girl! Super alert. She lost some of her birth weight (which is normal) and clocked in at 5 pounds, 5 ounces

 As we waited to hear back from the Pedi on her jaundice levels, we did some at home sunbathing therapy

Sam could really care less about his new sister- he is a mama's boy through and through so decided to sunbathe with us

Iyla is really alert after feedings, and it melts our hearts when she looks in our eyes!

Checking out the world around her

Unfortunately the results from the Pediatrician showed Iyla's bili levels had kept crawling up and were teetering on a dangerous level. On Friday, November 16th, at 4 days old, we were told we needed to head to Dell Children's Hospital & check in for Iyla to receive light therapy. We would be staying there 2 days and nights.

 Iyla rocked the moonlight in style! Her Mimi said it was like she had a spa weekend. 

While Iyla was a champ, I was somewhat of a wreck, crying a lot throughout our stay. The first 24 hours we couldn't hold her and I had to pump milk while BC gave it to her in bottles. The teeny silver lining was that I did learn how to pump, and learned I have a great milk supply. BC learned how to give a bottle (which Iyla took like a rockstar!) & burp her.

 "What's the big deal, people?"

BC and I did take the opportunity while she was in the hospital to head out to dinner each night. We would joke in very blasé voices: "Date Night?"

Late Sunday, November 18th we were finally discharged home. We are SO grateful to be back and getting into our groove again.

Back home again, we promptly returned to our sunbathing

We had a follow up Pedi appointment today and unfortunately her levels have gone up again a bit (from a 12 to a 14), so we will be back Wednesday for another appointment. If they go up again we will likely be bringing a blue blanket home with us. Keeping prayers going we don't have to return to the hospital, especially on the Eve of Thanksgiving! The Pedi thinks it is just Iyla's system trying to re-regulate & didn't indicate she thinks a return to the hospital will be needed. Fingers crossed! The great news was she has already started gaining weight back, and is up to 5 pounds 8 ounces! These boobs appear to be doing their jobs.

So there you have it, a summary of all the excitement from the first week of Iyla Grace's life. Looking forward to seeing what each new week brings (and Universe? No more hospital stays please!)


  1. Oh she's so tiny! Just precious. And you look great! Glad the boobs are working and she's gaining weight, taking bottles and just be a rock star. :) She's so darling sunbathing!

  2. She is so teeny tiny!
    And looks like an amazing cuddler!

    My little brother had jaundice and he had to sun bathe for a few hours a day. He was an olive skin baby.
    I had it also, I have more orange under tones.
    Wishing you and lil' miss Iyla a speedy recovery!
    So happy to hear that breastfeeding is going AMAZING!
    You are super lucky!
    I must admit that is one of the things I am worried about. Guess we'll find out in 50 days give or take..