Saturday, April 12, 2014

17 Months Old!

Sweet Iyla Grace, today you are 17 months old! You continue to be such a sweet, gentle, happy, loving little girl. You are talking so much now, and enjoying getting out of the house on our many adventures together. Here are your 17 month updates!

How old? 17 months today!

How big? Here you are with Sam. Neither of you were very keen on laying down next to one another!

Sleep? This was a big one over the past month, as you have officially made the Big Girl toddler transition to one nap/day. You do really well out on our morning adventures, and typically go down for your nap between 12-12:30. You'll usually sleep just over an hour- sometimes up to an hour and a half if I've really worn you out! You still sleep super sound and well at night- down around 7:30 and sleeping until at least 7am. You stay quiet and peaceful in there until someone comes to give you your bottle.

Teeth? We now have FIVE official teeth in! 2 on the bottom, and 3 on top (your 2 middle front teeth plus the neighbor tooth on the left side). You have been taking teething in stride- you drool a lot more and chew your hands, but are still (*knocking on wood here*) sleeping soundly through the night and not seeming any more fussy. It is so fun to see your big beautiful smile transforming with your new teeth. Adorable.


Food? You typically have a BIG breakfast- lots of scrambled eggs with spinach, onions, & a little cheese. Lunch is a much lighter meal for you, and then you are usually ready to feast again at dinner. Your favorites right now? Eggs, fish, shrimp, chicken, spinach, green beans, roasted veggies, pasta, muffins, clementine oranges, bananas, and a new fav: cranberries! One thing you consistently do NOT seem to like is cheese. You'll eat it when it is cooked into eggs or pasta, but don't like actual pieces of cheese.

You also get 3 bottles of milk/day. I am going to keep rolling with that, despite the fact that 'the general public' says you should be weaned from those already. We do things in our own sweet time here, and so far it's been working great! I don't see us sending you off to college with a stash of bottles…

Words? You are pretty much at the stage where you will repeat any word we ask you to say (not all are pronounced correctly), and you have an amazing memory of each and every word! You have also memorized the titles for most of your books, and usually request them in a short hand version ("Go Go" for "Where Did the Baby Go," "Deee Deee" for "Dancing Dreams", etc).


*Transitioning to one nap/day

*Getting a bit more confident with physical skills, like climbing up the ladder of the slide Auntie Sheri got you (though you are also just as likely to slip and fall so I have to stay extremely close!)

You mostly like throwing your dollies down the slide

*Making fish faces!

You think this is the most hilarious thing ever

*Your first overnight(s) away from us! You did so well with your stay at Auntie Sheri's. She called to FaceTime with you this morning and you were delighted to see her again.

Cuddling with Auntie Sheri and watching Frozen for the gazillioneth time

Cousin Shanny!

*You have been trying to carry toys in the nook between your neck and shoulder- so cute! Keeps your hands free to hold more things.

So proud of yourself!

*Starting to run! I wouldn't necessarily say you are full on running, but you are getting fast and picking up those little feet more and more.

Favorite things?

This one is EASY. Books and Babies. All.the.time. Most of your favorite games these days involve your babies, to include:

*"Get Iyla"- you will hand us one of your babies and say "get get!" and want us to come chase after you with the doll.

*"Where's the baby?"- you are an expert 'baby arranger,' and will take your little dollies and put then down in various places and arrangements and come up to us with an expectant look on your face, in which we reply "where's the baby?" and then you go find the baby/babies and exclaim "AH!"

Playing 'Where's the baby?" is even more fun at the baseball field

This little trio of babies sticks together- you love carrying all three at once.
(Fun side note? These were my little dollies as a girl, and they used to all have long hair. I apparently liked playing Barber Shop).

*You are loving your swim lessons again (thankfully! We had a couple classes last month with much fussing). You are a little fish and will just bravely jump right in to me. Perhaps the discovery of a swim dolly there has aided your progress?

*Bath time:

Multi tasking with your toothbrush

*Walks around our neighborhood. You can cover a lot of ground! Always with a baby in hand.

You love looking for boats!

*Naked time (you say "nakey, nakey!")

Naked time is even better while strolling with a paper towel roll

*You have always loved MY sunglasses, now it appears you are finally getting the hang of wearing your own:

Mama's glasses 

Too cool for photos in your own shades

*Story times. Namely, attending a story time then making a break for it, taking books and other random items from the storyteller.

The beginning of story time…sitting nicely with a found stuffed elephant

Making a break for it! I love your contemplative look here: "What can I steal?"

See that stuffed bear to the left of the story teller? You kept stealing its yellow gloves and making a run for it! The lady exclaimed "Oh, that won't work." Haha.

*You love going over to your friend Henley's house to play… especially when your little boyfriend Huck is there. They have a sandbox, water table, and chickens… which is pretty much a toddler's dream come true.

With Huck


Water table!

*Ladybugs! This is a new one. When we go out on our walks we look for "bugbugs," and once we find one, you will promptly pick it up, crush it, and ….. eat it. That's my girl!

Step one: find a ladybug

Step two: crush and EAT IT! Yummy.

*Getting your hair done. I will ask if you want pony tails, and you will come sit in my lap in front of the mirror as I clip the barrettes in- then break into a HUGE smile at your finished reflection. You seem to love having some kind of bling in your hair. If you find a stray barrette or hair bow laying around you hold it up to your head and 'request' to wear it. So cute. (As a side note, I've had lots of people asking lately where I get your hair clips. They are from this Etsy site, and are the only clips I've found that actually hold your hair!)

Least favorite things?

Pretty much anything that has to do with patience, such as:

*Waiting for a meal to be prepared
*Getting strapped into your car seat
*Getting your diaper or clothes changed

*You also are not really into animals. Interest in Sam has fallen by the wayside (he is probably mostly relieved by this!) and when we go out walking folks will come up with their dogs asking if you want to pet them, and mostly you just want to show the dog whatever baby you are holding. You are a people person through and through- loving toys and books with actual people & human faces. You also LOVE to mingle when we go out- making the rounds and charming every person you meet.

Postpartum Body?

*I've been feeling round around the middle lately, mostly due to lack of exercise and our recent vacation. I think the weaning process put on a couple extra pounds, which makes sense since I am no longer burning those extra calories.

*I just purchased the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor and am going to give it a whirl this month! I figure we have nothing to lose (save the $200 it cost- ouch). I am still very Zen about TTC this round, but would love love love if it happened soon. The entire experience with you taught me that babies come when they are ready (that's my story and I'm sticking to it), and the best I can do is keep the window of opportunity open every month and say daily prayers to any future little one that we are all ready. You will be such an amazing big sister, with how sweet and gentle and careful you are- not to mention your OBSESSION with babies. I sincerely hope you get that opportunity! Your Papa mentioned to me this week that he doesn't 'feel' like it is going to happen anytime soon. That this would surprise him. My heart admittedly sank a bit (this is a man who has very clearly expressed how OK he would be with just having one child)… and I sincerely hope that 'feeling' isn't an accurate prediction. So my new prayer to a potential 2nd little ones goes along the lines of "Let's surprise your Papa and prove him wrong!….."

Most looking forward to?

*Hosting our Easter celebration with family. You will get to see all your favorite people again! Hopefully this year's celebration will be happier for you than The Infamous Easter of 2013.

*More trips with BC! The Vegas getaway set the tone for me wanting MORE adventures. It was such an amazing time for us to reconnect (given his extra busy new hours and travel) and it was also so good for you. I am currently actively petitioning for a NYC getaway. We'll see!

Here are some photos from this past month. We love you so much sweet girl! Happy 17 months to you.

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