Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

We hosted family at our home yesterday to celebrate Easter, and Iyla had an absolute BLAST. She could hardly contain herself- everywhere she turned there was another person she loved and adored! It was a happy, happy day. 

Here are some photos from the festivities:

Sweet baby girl in her Easter dress

Iyla's Easter loot! A new chair and basket full of goodies

She especially loved the ladybug girl, a bouncy ball that lit up, the Etch a Sketch (such a PERFECT first 'drawing' item for this age!) and of course, the books

Iyla had awoken from her nap fussy, and I was worried we may have a repeat of the Infamous Easter of 2013. The second her Mimi and Grampy arrived, however, the sun came out in SPADES! 
Happy girl, seen here giving her Mimi a "nosie."

Presents from Mimi and Grampy

She made sure Grampy had plenty of toys to choose from

Someone loves her Grampy!

My grandmother, cousin Heather, Aunt Sheri, and cousin Shanny

Giggles with Patrick

Doug, Heather, Patrick, & Iyla cudding

Doug (and his new birthday doll -he loves dolls as much as Iyla does!) and Patrick

Three generations!

FOUR generations! An amazing and beautiful thing.

Nani and Vince

Celebrating Doug's birthday

New dolly!

Another new dolly!

Patrick and Heather

Iyla's Easter bonnet

Shanny and my mom were matching twinkies!

The morning after our celebration- playing with her Etch a Sketch

Morning walk with Mimi and Grampy

Papa's shoulders!

Selfies with Mimi and Iyla

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. What a fun looking day! That chair is adorable and tastefully upholstered - something that is hard to find in little kid chairs! Where did you find it?

    1. Thanks Belle! It is a Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair- the "Vivian Floral Gray and Yellow" pattern. I LOVED it the second I laid eyes on it, and it is even more darling in person. Iyla is a huge fan!||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules

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    (And, Happy Easter!)

  3. I got Everleigh the anywhere chair for her first birthday. She loves it!

    Looks like you guys had a happy Easter! Love the 4 generations! Beautiful girls!