Saturday, April 5, 2014

I Win! Vegas 2014 Tallies

Unfortunately it wasn't at the Craps table (that's a whole other unfortunate story)… but after last night, the new tally for this trip is:

Jules 2, Vegas 1

I came back, baby!

Thankfully even without an afternoon nap I was ready to roll again last night (I historically suck at napping… though the construction in the stair shaft next to our room coupled with BC's snores didn't help the situation). And by rolling again I mean I was migraine free and able to energetically enjoy a couple of cocktails and a swanky dinner with my love.

Here is a snapshot of our 3rd day and night in photos:

Another afternoon spent poolside. And another Pina Colada.

So… this might have been the 2nd time I wore that dress on our trip. I considered it my lucky Vegas dress, given it was what I wore the 1st night we were here. And on that 1st night I styled it differently with ankle booties, so…. totally different look, right?

Heading out migraine free! Woot!

At the Aria resort 

We found that the incredible Sage restaurant (our favorite meal of the trip!) could also make us our beloved Corpse Reviver #2's! 
Much more delicious without a migraine.

Dinner was followed by a walking tour of the Aria resort and a short tram ride over to check out the nearby Bellagio resort. Every.single.resort here is seriously like its own small country! We decided that the Bellagio felt like a Midwestern flavored Vegas- cozy, welcoming… a little dated, but with very down to earth folk that made us feel right at home. Very different than the sexy see-and-be-seen flavor of the Cosmopolitan from the night before!

Meanwhile in Auntie Sheri land, we received more absolutely adorable pictures of our baby girl living it up. And showing off her new teeth! Behold the cuteness:

We return home late tonight and will head over to get Iyla in the morning. We cannot WAIT to eat this little lady up! She is going to be so annoyed with how much we'll want to be constantly hugging and kissing on her.

This trip has been exactly what I'd hoped for- a precious time to just relax and have fun with BC. There were a lot of giggles and adventures had, and I am ever so grateful we had the opportunity for this time together. Viva Las Vegas!

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