Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Weekend of Cute

A monumental thing happened this weekend: we finally toddler-ized the backyard! Now Iyla has centers and activities created just for her in a safe outdoor space, and she is loving every second of it.

BC filled one of our unused garden beds with sand:

Sam approved. And better not think this is his new outdoor litter box.

We set up a water table:

An unexpected creative challenge? The barrel of dirt in close proximity to the water table. Iyla wasted no time discovering the joys of making MUD.

'Look Mama! I've covered the doll in mud!'
(Over and over and over again….)

Clockwork Orange imitation?

Iyla continues to love the slide from Auntie Sheri, and has shown she knows how to climb up and slide down all by herself, though she still prefers to fuss at the top for help:

Dollies down first

Go Iyla!

She also practiced her musical skills with Papa:

She likes to dramatically bow her head down to the keys and make hilarious little sing-songy noises

And got the hang of carrying an Easter basket:

Ready for her Easter loot

Sadly, this weekend also saw us losing one of the little baby dolls that had been mine as a child. While out on a walk, the dolly took an unfortunate tumble down a sewer drain. I was totally going to be THAT PARENT who called into the city to have them open up the manhole to retrieve it, but Austin got torrential rains all morning long so that baby doll is officially MIA.

Minutes before the sewer drain debacle

 RIP little baby doll, RIP.
And… new water shoes!

Here's to gratitude for the sunshine coming out again, and to many more fun days spent playing in our new toddler-ized yard!

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