Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Week in Review

It has been a busy week! I am so grateful our nanny is now covering an additional day for us, as work has definitely picked up. I passed my broker's exam at the end of March (yay!) and am now the Managing Broker for my company, which brings with it responsibilities in addition to my own workload.

The Austin market is pretty insane right now. A complete seller's market where listings are flying off the market with multiple offers.  My most recent listing hit the market last Thursday and we had 4 amazing offers within 24 hours. Being on the buying side is much tougher… most buyers are having to bid on several homes before finally landing one, due to all the competition. I've tailored my own business accordingly- primarily taking only listings and working with buyers on a strict case by case basis. I now have a fabulous team at my company, with leasing & buyer specialists I can pull in to help fully care for any and all referral clients. I feel so much gratitude daily for being in a profession that allows me this flexibility! I've worked hard to get to this point.

In addition to the market boom, there is also a spring pregnancy boom going on! Three people close to me who all had babies around the same time as Iyla are pregnant again. I would so love to join their club, but am staying Zen as best I can in the 'it will happen when it is meant to happen' place. And by Zen I mean I am monitoring my cycles like a hawk and doing everything humanly possible to maximize our fertile window monthly. Just like we did with Iyla….for THREE years (ha!).

Speaking of Iyla, she has been so incredibly sweet lately! Perhaps having finally increased her naps to 1.5-2 hours/day has had some magical effect? So happy she has finally extended that precious nap time.

Iyla seems to pick up new words When I name a new item for her it amazes me how she remembers the name days later. Such a little sponge! I have lost track of her actual word count, as there are so, so, SO many! She still mostly expresses herself in one word phrases, occasionally pairing 2 words together. She definitely understands pretty much everything we say.

Here is a look at the past week in photos:

Morning ritual: watching Papa drive off to work

Backyard play time

She is ridiculously proud of herself with her new found sliding abilities

We attended a story time Wednesday morning at the local book store- and lo and behold, Iyla discovered a box full of baby dolls. She was in HEAVEN, to say the least!

I re arranged Iyla's play room and stacked a bunch of her dolls in these baskets. It was so fun to watch her expression when she discovered them!

She also discovered the joys of sitting on top of the window seat bench

In closing, a little series I like to call "Iyla washes out her mouth with soap." It didn't end well, and I think she learned her lesson. : )

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  1. I see so much of you in the photos of Iyla wear the polkadot outfit!!! I love it!!!! - Michelle I can't wait for your next Wisconsin visit!!