Tuesday, June 14, 2016

34 Week Updates: Baby 2.0

How far along? 34 weeks today!

How big is baby? The apps estimate her to be the size of a Pineapple, in the 4.5 pound range. I have a growth ultrasound scheduled for later this week, so it will be fun to see where my clinic officially estimates her measurements.

How big is Mama? So much for the slow and steady weight gain.... this morning the scale indicated a THREE pound gain since last week! For a grand total of 143.6, so 33.6 pounds in my pregnancy so far. Hoping much of that gain can be directly attributed to baby, as this is the time in gestation when an infant's job is to pack on the pounds.

34 week belly- and a sneak peek at baby girl's nursery!  
Separate post on the nursery progress coming later this week.
(On another note- I cannot for the life of me figure out why this text is turning blue- I've edited it back to black going on 10x now, to no avail).

Sleep? Much of the past week I've been falling asleep well, but waking over and over and over again as morning creeps closer. Very staccato-like, which doesn't leave me feeling very rested.

Food cravings/aversions? I finally have some new shifts to report here! Not sure if it is due to the Austin summer heat (90++ daily) or the fact that there isn't much room in my stomach, but I've been rejecting the thought of red meat lately (with the occasional exception of lamb... mmmmm lamb) in favor of lighter items like pasta, vegetables, and *gasp* FISH! Yep. It appears I can finally eat fish again. The last 2 Fridays I've craved & ordered fried fish- perhaps an unconscious homage to the Friday Fish Fries of my Wisconsin youth?

I had a day last week where I had to have ALL THE FRUIT imaginable, but overall am not craving sweets too much. I find if I eat sugary sweets my body doesn't feel well shortly thereafter (the strange heart palpitations/instant exhaustion). Ice cream is the ONE exception to this, and continues to be my favorite treat.


*Constipation is back this week, which *could* have something to do with the 3 pound weight gain.

*Physical exhaustion. Some days I wake up ready to rock n roll, but if I DO rock n roll and get productive, I am out for the count and on the couch much of the rest of the day.

*I'm having a lot of trouble getting comfortable, especially with sitting. Seems any position on any seat (padded, hard, etc) leaves me feeling stiff and achy before too long. Variety is the name of the game, with a heavy dose of daily reclining.

Big sister?

I can tell Iyla senses the baby's arrival is near! When we read stories at bedtime she will rub and pat my belly and ask "do you think baby sister likes that?" She also thinks its hilarious when I ask her to say something to baby, to which she almost always shouts into my belly: "poop!"

We play the "Mama, baby, daughter" game a gazillion times each day. This equates to her pretending that one of my hands is the Mama (specifically, "Mama tickles"- ha!), one is the baby ("baby tickles," of course), and that her hands are the daughters. We then play act wondering "what will happen when the baby gets too big for mama's belly?" and go through the entire process.

For those of you curious, the "entire process" goes like this: "when baby gets too big for Mama's belly, it's time for the baby to be born! Papa will take Mama to a special hospital where babies are born, and Mimi, Grampy, and likely Lucka (her nanny) will come take care of you. Once the baby is born Papa will come get you and bring you to meet your new baby sister!"

This morning she told me that the baby snake (that string of beads in her hand) was growing in her uterus.

A new session of swim lessons began, complete with new props!

Iyla also started her summer session of dance classes with a new teacher- the studio owner's mother. This teacher was firm, kind, & definitely keep the littles on task.
In this video, Iyla is the youngest girl in the back of the ballet conga line.

Baby prep:

I've been knocking off a LOT on my baby prep to-do list. For this week, I'd like to:

*Install car seat bases in both cars & clean/prep the infant car seat
*Pack my hospital bag
*Purge our house and make a run to Goodwill
*Sterilize pump parts

We are getting more and more excited as each week ticks by.... can't wait to meet this little lady!

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