Tuesday, June 21, 2016

35 Week Updates: Baby 2.0

How far along? 35 weeks today!

How big is baby? I actually had a growth ultrasound last Thursday to check baby's position and measurements. She was estimated at 5 lb, 10 oz, in the 63rd percentile. What's interesting to me is that Iyla was 5lb14oz at BIRTH (at 37.5 weeks gestation)- so little sister appears to be on a bigger trajectory than her big sister!

After my appointment the doc I met with did bring up my fibroid again in relation to this baby being bigger. Of course we all hope this little lady will be able to push past it for a vaginal birth just like Iyla did, but if she can't, so be it.... I just want her to be delivered into this world as safely as possible. She is already in the head down position (yay!) so we are in good shape to let my body labor naturally when this little lady decides she is ready to come.

Baby girl has been having pretty predictable active/awake periods. She is crazy busy in my belly around 10:30am and again around 3:30pm, with mini spurts in between. It will be interesting to see if that all correlates with her schedule once she joins the family! Her feet are located on my right side, so that is where the majority of the kicks and action are occurring.

How big is Mama? I was at 144.2 on the scale this morning, so up a little shy of a pound from last week, for a total gain of 34.2 pounds at 35 weeks along.

Guest appearance by Iyla Gracie before bedtime last night

Sleep? Last night I slept sooooo hard, which felt great. Some nights are blissfully like that, others I still have the staccato like waking throughout the night.

Food cravings/aversions? I'm not wanting or craving anything really heavy meat wise, so red meats are mostly out. Loving pasta, fish, & vegetables.


*I had my first middle of the night leg cramp Sunday night... and good GOD am I glad I haven't had more of those! Yowee. My calf is STILL sore from it. We'd had a birthday party at an inflatable bounce house place earlier in the day, which saw me- upon attempting to climb up one of the inflatable slides- falling and toppling over the side. Not pretty, super embarrassing, and I think it reeked havoc on my oh so pregnant body.

*Body aches/fatigue continue. I've been feeling mentally alert, energetic, and productive- but per my usual, if I am up too long in a productive state my body definitely tells me about it. I was proud of myself yesterday and actually cooked up a double batch of Butternut Lentil soup toward freezing portions for after the baby arrives. That sucker took almost 2 hours to cook from start to finish and I was definitely hurting toward the end.

*Hair loss. I continue to pull pretty good size clumps out after every shower and am watching the consistency of my hair get thinner and thinner.

Big sister? 

*We are still playing the "Mama/Baby Tickles" game on a daily basis, going through the process of just what will happen when baby gets too big for Mama's belly.

*Iyla has been really interested in the days of the week lately, and usually this manifests in her announcing in the morning that there is "no kissing on Monday- kiss on Wednesday!" If it happens to be Wednesday, we are then promptly told then there will then be no kissing until Sunday (and yes, we still kiss her!)

I did just purchase her a little hanging magnetic calendar for the playroom I'll put up this week, so she can start better following along with the months & days.

Here are a few shots of big sister from this past week:

Baby prep?

This week, I'm hoping to check these items off of our list:

*Assemble the baby swing
*Install both car seat bases & mirrors in our cars
*Order replacement parts for my breast pump
*Cook & freeze some veggie chili

I got a very chipper voicemail from Buy Buy Baby yesterday announcing YOUR CHAIR IS ON ITS WAY TO OUR AUSTIN STORE, ON TIME!

My first thought? Dammit.

I was honestly hoping it would run late so we'd be eligible for a cancellation and full refund. This is due to the fact that the pattern on the chair was specifically chosen to go with our original nursery decor scheme, and that decor has now gone in an entirely different direction. So here's hoping this chair somewhat works in our master bedroom as a temporary solution (and function wise that will be super convenient since baby will be in our room for a few months anyway). Once baby moves into her own room, I'm not sure what we'll do. Maybe give this new chair to Iyla and move her white one to baby's room? Sell this one and buy another for baby's room? Keep this one indefinitely in our room? We shall see.

And in closing, a little flashback to one of my all time favorite photos of baby Iyla with her Papa.  Just look at that smiling little bean! Ahhhhhh.

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