Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Baby Girl #2 Nursery Preview

It has been an interesting, productive, and exciting week on the nursery front.

Remember this sheet set that I bought when I was 11 weeks pregnant, which started the entire decorating journey for baby girl?

Dwell Studio's "Posey" collection

Well, after painting the room a gorgeous "Silver Sage"....

I was starting to feel like the sheets + the wall color were not in complete harmony. The sheets DO have specks of sage in them, but overall something just wasn't quite right.

Then? Then I discovered THE curtains. I had ordered several sets to try out- mostly all white- but absolutely feel in LOVE with this set online:

Restoration Hardware's "Vintage Butterfly" drapes

When the curtains arrived they were even more gorgeous and luxurious and amazing in person. Even BC- historically one of my most aesthetically difficult-to-please critics, was smitten.

And so it was that the entire scope of the nursery changed. The curtains were absolutely the piece de resistance of the room, so all else had to accommodate them.

This meant that the sheet set was out (sadly, because of course I'd already washed everything, which means it can't be returned. I'll figure that out later....)

It also meant that the chair I'd ordered likely wouldn't work either, due to its own intricate pattern:

Little Castle's "Cleo" pattern.
 I LOVE this but think it would compete too much with the curtains.

I've inquired as to whether or not the chair order can be cancelled, and we are on a 'wait and see' basis with that. If the chair ships within the time frame the store promised us, then we are stuck with it- cancelling would cost us 50% of the price we paid. If, however, the chair manufacturer runs behind the promised dates we may be able to recoup a full refund. I do think this pattern would work in our master bedroom, which is where baby will be for the first several months anyway- but that still leaves us needing to find & purchase ANOTHER chair for the nursery. We are hoping for a white or off white modern looking chair with a smaller footprint- something along these lines:

It all sounds so complicated.... but truly, those curtains made the room, such that we are willing to make sacrifices elsewhere.

And without further adieu, here are a few photos of the nursery so far... it is really coming together!

The last space to decorate is the large wall behind the crib and nightstands:

After way too many hours perusing Etsy and Pinterest, I finally ordered a gorgeous dreamcatcher that will be similar to the photo below but custom made to coordinate with our nursery, hanging directly above the bed:

On each side of the dreamcatcher, we'll hang 3 of these rustic open frames, which I can fill with rotating art, chatchkas, photos, etc:

I'm also smitten with this darling mirror, since hints of blush pink are working their way into the design scheme. BC isn't nearly as enchanted, so it remains to be seen if I'll officially order it or not:

The only to-do's left in the nursery are to figure out the chair situation and to better organize the large closet with additional shelving and/or cubbies (neither of which is an immediate need).

It's been such a fun project to decorate this space, and I love how everything has turned out- despite the twists and turns in the journey!

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