Tuesday, June 28, 2016

36 Week Updates: Baby 2.0

How far along? 36 weeks today- officially in my 9th month of pregnancy! And so happy to be here. While I want this little lady to cook for at least a couple more weeks, she should be mostly healthy now should she make an early arrival.

How big is baby? My apps estimate her at 5.75-6.75 pounds, and anywhere from 17.5 to 20 inches long. She is compared in size to a large cantaloupe. This past week was the first where her movements have been bordering on painful at times, as she has definitely maximized her space in my tummy! Her knees and feet are at the mid-section of my right side, and this is typically where the semi-painful kicks and knee butts occur.

How big is Mama? Weight gain has slowed down the last 3 weeks... today I was only up .2 of a pound from last week, for a total weigh in at 144.4 (so 34.4 total gain in pregnancy so far).

Sleep? I had two nights in a row of the most insanely sound sleep- it was heavenly. Last night it was back to the sporadic waking over and over again during the morning hours.

Food cravings/aversions? I've been sticking to pastas, fruits, & vegetables mostly. Sugary treats are still leaving my body not feeling well, so I haven't been partaking in many of those. The BEST semi-sweet 'treat' I've been enjoying this week are bowls of Grape-Nuts cereal.


*The strangest new symptom that has arisen this week is that every.single.night my hands are falling asleep and feeling extremely sore, like I have advanced carpal tunnel syndrome. One night my right hand became locked into a claw shape- I could not for the life of me straighten out my fingers! I've noticed this effect is exacerbated when I sleep on my sides, and can be somewhat helped by elevating my hands above my elbows while also keeping the hands themselves open. Even during the day now my right fingers feel sore and agitated. You may recall I struggled with "Mommy Thumb" on my right hand and wrist after Iyla's birth- ultimately resulting in surgery to cut a restricting tendon sheath. Wondering what's in store this round given my right fingers are all already aching?

*I had a strange day last week where I felt chilly (haven't felt cold in MONTHS!) while also having extremely sensitive teeth. So weird.

*My hips have been feeling better overall- thanks to weekly visits to my Myofacial Therapist and chiropractor. Thank God for that.

*This past week pretty extreme daily fatigue has hit. I am soooo sleepy.

*I've had some breast soreness/tingling this week as well- guessing that's their way of starting the preparations toward breast feeding.

Big sister? I've been feeling a lot of guilt lately about not being about to be out and about with Iyla doing activities. This belly + 95-100 degree heat = a Mama who needs to stay mostly indoors, and a daughter who is watching way too many IPad shows (though she thinks that's awesome).

I swear Iyla grew up again this week: her communication, conversations, & imagination have reached a new level, and we truly have a full on bright, creative, little GIRL on our hands. And I think she's going to be an awesome big sister. : )

Here are some photos of Iyla from the past week, starting with her daily school photos:

 "I love kale." 
Three words that MELT this Mama's heart! She freakishly likes raw kale leaves, and also gobbled up 3 bowls of kale chips last night.

Making silly photo faces

Baby Prep?

I'm feeling really good in this department! Here's what we got done this past week:

*Installed car seat bases/mirrors/car seat in our cars
*Assembled the baby swing
*Hung the shelving in the nursery
*Inventoried my breast pump supplies (and ordered/received new tubing)
*Assembled a good supply of nursing tank tops and bras
*Packed my hospital bag suitcase (save for last minute items)
*Assembled a newborn medicine kit
*Purchased Iyla's "Big Sister" gifts from her baby sister (to be given at the hospital)
*Put up a lockbox on our front door with a copy of our house key
*Got a haircut

Really there aren't any remaining items that are necessities for before baby arrives, which is great!

I did get another VERY EXCITED CALL from Buy Buy Baby yesterday exclaiming that YOUR CHAIR IS HERE FOR DELIVERY! CONGRATULATIONS! I replied in a very non-enthusiastic voice: "OK." So: that will be delivered- for better or worse- Thursday, and I'm just hoping it works in our bedroom for now, and might be able to work in either baby or Iyla's room eventually. We'll see....

In closing, here are a few shots of the new frames hanging in the nursery, which I will slowly but surely fill with decorative items. The only nursery item we are awaiting is the dreamcatcher mobile for above the crib, which I can't wait to see! I'm really loving the way this room has turned out, and hope baby girl likes it too.

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  1. Gonna be soon , Jules! I hope you have a wonderful birth experience.