Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Steps

Today, on my 4th day after surgery, I decided it was time to get moving.  I planned a morning full of appointments & errands- working from the local coffee shop, previewing a house for clients, returning a book, etc. I was so excited to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

What I hadn't considered were the logistics of my car. I figured I had no trouble sitting down or going up and down our homes' stairs, so could totally take on the Toyota. Within seconds of getting into my car, I realized the seat belt was not going to be an option, something I hadn't previously considered. Those straps are oh so perfectly designed to sit tightly against exactly where my incisions are. I admittedly felt really naughty taking off without my seatbelt on- like at any moment I was going to spontaneously catapult through the windshield. I also rehearsed the speech I would give to a Cop if pulled over- including the moment I'd hike up my dress to show him my stitches.

After taking off, I quickly realized that the normal bumpity bumping of driving didn't feel too awesome either, and had to brace myself when going over railroad tracks or road transitions.

All in all it was worth it to be FREE and out & about again. When Babycakes called on his way home from work, he sounded surprised that for date night ABSOLUTELY I wanted to go OUT! And with someone else driving, it was a much more pleasant ride.

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