Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Making the Cut

The Real Estate World has gotten crazy busy lately- and I have been welcoming the shift with open arms. Our market survived the recession probably better than anywhere else in the US- in fact, I thought we were going to avoid the ramifications entirely- until May of 2010. That was when our market seemed to 'go to sleep'  after the last tax credit expired. Buyers disappeared. Listings sat on the market. I saw my own business take about a 2/3 cut in productivity & income. We were all feeding into the Cycle of Fear, no one knowing when things would pick up. Ironically it was one of the BEST times to be buying here in town- with historically low interest rates, dropping prices, motivated sellers, and an abundance of home inventory.

I try to find the lessons in everything life throws at me, and with my cut in income, Babycakes and I went on a budget. A first for me, and admittedly not very fun. We went out less, tracked all expenses, and tried to tailor our lifestyle to fit into just BC's income. This was an important lesson for us- as our plan has always been for me to cut back on work when little ones come into our life, and this gave us a good snapshot of what that might look like.

So this April when our market "woke up" again, it felt like a re-birth of sorts for my business. I was getting 2-3 referrals a week- many for active buyers, and I've been VERY blessed to be meeting & working with some amazing clients. I get so much genuine joy helping people find their home here in this city I love, and this upswing has felt so good to both Babycakes and I- I feel more financially confident, and have had a nice distraction from TTC. We are also having the opportunity to bolster our savings- again in the mindset of my cutting back on work when we have a family.

I've decided to proceed forward with one of the most major TTC tests:  laparoscopic surgery.  I go under the knife one week from today to see if there are any physical reasons why we haven't conceived yet. I have very mixed emotions heading into this, and figure there are 3 possible outcomes:

*BEST case scenario would be they get in there, find something that appears to be the very reason we haven't conceived, remove/fix it, and BOOM- crazy fertile times ahead!! Babies everywhere!

*Worst case scenario would be they get in there and things look bad. Very bad. As in, "Sorry lady, it ain't gonna happen naturally. Ever." 

*Somewhere in the middle would be that they find nothing notable, and that is definitely a gray area: YAY for nothing physically wrong! But BOO- then what IS the reason we aren't getting pregnant?

Hoping to make the cut & join the ranks of Fertile Myrtles everywhere. Wish me luck!

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  1. Thinking a lot of loving thoughts about you as you prepare for this big step. I hope the procedure gives you answers or a clear direction. How awesome that business is booming.