Thursday, June 16, 2011

Farewell, Manties!

And on Day #3, she arose.....

Dr. Vaughn had told me to plan on taking 2 days off work for recovery, returning the 3rd day. When I awoke yesterday, I thought "yeah right- there is NO way I'll be feeling that up and at 'em tomorrow." Admittedly, I have trust issues (see previous post on that here), and Dr. Vaughn is one of the foremost authorities in the field of infertility. He definitely knows his stuff, and has been around the laparoscopic block thousands of times over. So this morning when I rose, while I still hobbled around like Frankenstein, I felt much more like myself than I have since they sliced me open operated. I showered! I filled our water fountain! I cleaned up cat barf! (that one doesn't really denote an exclamation point of excitement, but hey- it's back to business as usual).

And I said farewell to my hospital 'manties,' a moniker Babycakes gave to the hospital underwear they sent me home with. They were soft & comfy, and resembled a pair of fitted mens' boxers. Sort of like a surgical security blanket. 'Manties' derives from "man's panties," as BC didn't find them all that attractive (not that anything else about me has been even remotely attractive in the last couple of days).

Dr. Vaughn also said we could start trying for babies again as soon as we felt ready! Lookout Babycakes- the manties are gone, and I'm slowly but surely getting ready to Rock n Roll again. ; )

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  1. Vavavoom! Lady and gentleman, start your engines!