Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yesterday was my laparoscopic surgery. Babycakes and I were to arrive to the surgery center by 6am for the 7am procedure. My overwhelming feeling going into it was one of curiosity (and of course I also prepped BC that in the event I didn't make it, he could have all the money in my accounts and must promise to take excellent care of my our kitties.To which he smirked and asked  'how much money are we talking about?')

Sexy pre-op self portrait

After getting through the IV (the most dreaded part for me-I loathe needles!) things moved pretty quickly. I vaguely remember being wheeled into the surgery room and shifted to the operating table. The next thing I knew I heard a woman's voice saying 'you're all done' and sounds started filtering in around me like I was tuning into a shortwave radio. I tried to urge my eyes open while drifting in and out of consciousness. I slowly started to become aware of my body again, and felt some intense abdominal cramping. The nurse asked if I needed more pain relief and within moments of nodding yes the sensations were thankfully fading away.

Babycakes was fetched from the waiting room- at last reunited with his hot wife who had oxygen tubes clamped to her nose. He came bearing the doctor's updates: they'd found 'moderate' amounts of endometriosis (somewhere between mild & severe), were able to clear it all out, believing that was likely the reason we hadn't conceived yet. They also gave it only a 30% chance of possible recurrence. !!!!!!!!!!! Not sure if it was the massive amounts of drugs in my body, but I was soaring on cloud nine! Seriously, the best results we possibly could have hoped for. I had this energetic tickle inside similar to the magic I'd felt when we first started trying for babies two years ago.

Then recovery set in.

The nurse said I had to go to the bathroom before they'd dispatch me home. No problem! I hobbled into the restroom with her & Babycakes, and quickly realized I was suffering from pee paralysis. I kicked everyone out & proceeded to sit there for 15 minutes trying to coax my bladder to loosen up. The nurse came back in, and another awesome surprise gripped me: extreme nausea. She gave me some alcohol pads to sniff and left me to keep trying to do my business. It was probably one of the most frustrating 30 odd some minutes I've had in a long time- I just wanted to go home.

The rest of the day was a sleepy, nauseous blur. The kitties were thrilled and thought we were having a party- all shacked up together in bed. Surprisingly I didn't need any more pain meds- the incision sites were sore but totally bearable. My tummy was very stiff & bloated, causing me to resemble Frankenstein as I lurched to and from the bathroom.

             "This is awesome! Can you have laparoscopic surgery everyday?"

I took 2 doses of anti nausea meds- and WHOA- those things were intense! I'd feel a tingly burning in my arms & a sudden pulsing in my hands, followed by some trippy visuals before the nausea would finally cease. Discovered today that I was actually taking them wrong (hey- I was in no shape to be reading directions!) -the tabs are supposed to be completely dissolved on one's tongue, not popped like candy. Oh well. I lived, and it made for some interesting entertainment.

Today my appetite is finally coming back, coupled with a pretty intense headache. I've been anxious to speak to my doctor directly- wanting to find out more details about exactly where the endo was found, etc, but wasn't able to get through today. Hoping for more updates tomorrow.

All in all, I am SOOOO grateful we decided to have this procedure. Even the most talented acupuncturists, chiropractors, spiritualists, yogis, etc can't cure endometriosis. It's been quite the journey over the past 2 years, and I am ever so relieved to finally have answers, and to finally be moving forward.

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