Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And... We're Out

Monday I got our anxiously awaited N/T blood test results back. They went like this:

For my age, my standard risk for having a baby with Downs would be 1:120
With my blood test results? This risk went down to 1:720

For my age, my standard risk for a baby with the Trisomy chromosomal disorders would be 1:440
My bloodwork lowered this to 1:4400.

We took those as GREAT results! The nurse said these results lower our risks overall to less than 1%, and that these tests are about 80% accurate. Hooray!

Given that data, we decided it was time to go public on Facebook with our announcements. Below I have cut & paste both mine and BC's posts. Can you guess whose is whose? Definitely shows our personalities.


Otis & Sam diligently prepare for their big brother roles. We are thrilled to announce Baby Lambert is on the way- joining our family in late November!!


Because there aren’t already enough Lamberts in this world, we’re bringing in one more ... Suck it, not-Lamberts!


And..... the first post is mine, the 2nd BC's. I am sure his mom was so proud! ; )

My work has really picked up over the last week, and I am finding myself working long hours and becoming absolutely brain fried by about 7pm each night. Overall I am so grateful to be busy, as I figure I am in the 6 month stretch to bring in as much income as I can before Baby Lambert arrives! 

BC and I are also seriously considering finishing out the space above our garage into a small studio apartment, to provide extra income potential when the baby arrives. We've already gotten architect's plans and are moving forward to get several bids on the finish out. Austin hosts several major festivals each year where thousands of folks flock to town needing housing. The SXSW festival rental of our home went so well (we even got pregnant during that time!!!), we figure having the garage studio as an option to stay in (with cats & baby) would allow us to rent out our home more often. We even had professional photos taken, and created the "Austin Haskell House" website:

If you ever are planning a trip to town and are interested in renting either our house or the studio apartment (which will hopefully be completed before the baby arrives!) definitely drop me a line! This will also be a great space for friends & relatives to stay when visiting us here in Austin.

I need to step away from the computer now... my brain fry is demanding that I retreat to some mindless reality TV. I'll post again later this week with week 14 updates!

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  1. Gorgeous home! Congrats on coming out on FB :)

    Your announcement are great!!