Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pregnancy Brain

I have always heard women speak of "pregnancy brain"- a certain forgetfulness that takes over during these 9 months.

I haven't felt like I had any signs of this... until today. I was just speaking to our contractor (who is doing some small jobs around the house), when I noticed him looking at me a little different. Now, I know my hair is wet & pinned in funny bobby pins to tame the waves pre-straitening... but this seemed to hint at something more. Then the realization hit me like a mack truck.


This has been part of my morning routine since I was maybe 13-14? I have NEVER just 'forgotten' to put it on. It is the stuff of nightmares- realizing you've arrived at the party with- *GASP* - no makeup on! (at least I DID remember to dress myself).

I let out a small mortified chuckle and retreated quickly to my home office, where I shut the doors tightly. I fully intend- post breakfast- to go put my face back on.


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