Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Due Date Challenge

You may have noticed I added a pregnancy ticker to the sidebar of my blog, and that now I am suddenly 12 weeks, 5 days pregnant. From the beginning of this journey I have been calculating my due date based on the day I am 99% sure we conceived (March 8th)- which would put me at 12 weeks today, due November 29th. At my 7w4d ultrasound with Dr. Vaughn I measured 7w3d (so on track with that due date). Then at yesterday's N/T scan the sonogram tech pre-filled out my due date based on my LMP ('last menstrual period'- which was February 18th)- to show a November 24th due date. The doctor doing the sonogram said I was measuring right in line with that due date- showing around 12w3d yesterday.

So what's a girl to do?

Well, if you're THIS girl (over achiever, always looking to the future) it is pretty obvious- you take the earlier due date and marvel that suddenly you are 5 days more pregnant than you thought you were! That puts me 2 days away from officially entering the 2nd trimester and darn it- I'll take it. My new OB, Dr. Swenson, (who I met for the first time this morning!) confirmed we'll go with the revised due date. The only time the date discrepancy *could* be an issue is if I go past the 41 week mark and we have to decide what week/day to base our cutoff for starting labor induction.

*Side note: I've had to have blood drawn 2 days in a row now- yesterday for my N/T scan and today for my regular OB panel. I would like to give myself props for not fainting or getting a migraine either time! And the lady who draws blood at my new OB's office was AMAZING. Hardly felt any pain, and I thanked her profusely for it.*

Here are this week's stats!

How far along? We have catapulted to 12w5d

How big is baby? I am a plum verging on a peach right now. Almost all the major systems are fully formed, and we are entering the growing phase. My dear friend Jenny- who specializes in brain development & disorders- actually responded to a picture I sent her of the babe (the one of it waving 'hi') by saying "2 hemispheres, 4 lobes, yay!" I took that as good news.

Total weight gain: 1.2 lbs up, so I guess I can say that is my total first trimester weight gain. Wondering how much of that can be attributed to the fabulous 'D's' I am now rockin' up top?

Sadly, my expanding girth eclipses the D's

Sleep: Good- pretty sound overall. Still waking early, but I'm also putting myself to bed rather early (usually by 10).

Food cravings: I have been LOVING mango! Preferably pre-cut slices from the grocery store. I've been making an effort to eat greens every day, and also get my fiber in.

Food aversions: Tomato based things. I made some tortellini with veggies for lunch & smothered it in tomato pasta sauce. Bad idea, as that sauce is still sitting heavy in my belly. I've found I have the same reaction to tomato based soups. Tomatoes themselves are fine and delicious- go figure.

Symptoms? Still on/off nausea. Some days it is all day long, others just in the morning. I am also feeling sleepy.

Guesses on the sex? Still feeling girl- even more so after seeing the babe on the ultrasound! I actually find myself getting mad when people use the "he" pronoun or say the sonogram picture makes them think boy. My sister in law swears it is a girl- which she says DEFINITELY means it is a boy, as she says she is always wrong! We can't wait to find out for sure- and it sounds like that won't be until the 20 week point (which- thanks to my revised due date is 5 days sooner than it would have been!)

Most looking forward to: Starting the research & browsing of baby items. It is still way too early to buy anything, but I want to visit baby supply stores and have a good idea of what brands for items we like, and what we'll be needing overall. We know we love the BOB stroller, which also helps narrow down our car seat choices, as this stroller only has 3 car seat adapter kits (for Graco, Chicco, and Peg Perego). We are also looking forward to officially finding out the sex of the baby!


  1. Too cute!! and Heck ya girl I would jump on that sooner date too! Love your ticker!

  2. You're funny! The later due date is probably the more accurate of the two since early ultrasounds are way more accurate when it comes to dating but I totally understand you want to get out of those early weeks of pregnancy quicker! Keep that original due date in mind though if you're needing to fight over an induction date, later is better =) Also, you can find out the sex as early as 18 weeks, it's actually an 18-20 week ultrasound, just FYI!

    1. Yes- I'll take the advance days now and be happy to subtract them if I go late. Total opportunist. : )

  3. Haha Jules! I was also had a feeling that Anna was having a girl and I was right!!! Maybe my wrong streak is over!?

  4. Your due date story made me laugh. I was at my last appointment with my RE last week and they were testing a new ultrasound machine so it wasn't completely set up. When they did the scan and measurement, it put weeks/days and EDD date on the screen. It was three days ahead of my actual due date. I told them they should take the EDD off because it gives us early pregnancy girls one more think to spend waaay too much freaking out about!

  5. Loved the due date story!! I can't wait to hear what the sex is!