Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Moving Through the Alphabet (or, "The Boob Post")

About 6-7 weeks into my pregnancy I outgrew and was unable to wear my beloved Victoria's secret push-up bras. This left me with two "normal" bras that were definitely not sexy (quite tattered actually), but at least contained the girls.

In the past 2 weeks I have definitely been stuffing the ladies more and more into said bras, and throughout the day find myself having to constantly nip and tuck their rebel girth.

Today I finally bit the bullet and went to a department store to be measured and fitted for new bras. I've never officially been measured before- always very comfortably fitting into my reliable 32-B's. It was a tad bit odd to undress in the dressing room in front of an attendant (I tried to play it cool like it was no big deal while inside I was dying). After taking a measurement & surveying the spillage in my current ratty bra (which I was SO embarrassed for her to see!) she went into the lingerie vaults & promptly returned with the goods. As I slipped the new bra on it fit PERFECTLY- and I asked what cup size it was?

Holy s***- it was a D, folks. A D! I am now filling out a D cup! That is insane. I wish I could say the ladies are looking more robust in general but because my abdomen is also starting to protrude it all kind of balances out. Hence my genuine shock at moving through the alphabet TWO WHOLE LETTERS.

The attendant had actually brought a double D just in case the D was too snug! She said the material on this bra should have some stretch in it, allowing for a bit more growth. She also mentioned I may need to come back in a couple of months to be re-fit.

I am so grateful to have new bras that actually fit me- even if I did have to drop a pretty penny to procure them. The ladies are still painfully sore, which makes me wonder if they are still in the midst of an outward expansion, and if indeed I will be getting intimate with the attendant again in another couple of months.

Our N/T 12 week scan appointment is tomorrow afternoon! I am so so SO excited and so so SO nervous. We haven't seen the baby or heard the heartbeat since 7w4d, so I am just praying and hoping all looks good and healthy.  I am looking forward to seeing the baby on screen actually looking like a baby, vs a small gray blob. Hopefully we'll get some fun pictures to share!

Much love,
J and her D's (that would totally be a rockin' band name)


  1. Yep, me too! From B to D in no time flat ;-) Luckily mine have stayed at D and I bought my D cups at 15 weeks. I was scared they were just going to keep growing and growing and growing! I've had time to get used to them now and my little B cups are TINY, I can't imagine my boobs every shrinking back down to fit in them!

  2. And to think at H's wedding we had to fill out your dress! You go girl!!