Tuesday, March 12, 2013

4 Months Old!

Sweet Iyla Grace, today you are 4 months old. Your Papa and I agree it feels like you've been with us much longer (in a good way!). You just spent 3 nights with us out in a Wimberley country cabin and did so well. You slept soundly (your nightly routine was down for 8 hours/nurse, then 3/nurse, then 1/nurse though the night) and were in good spirits. It appears you just may be a country gal.

 This was a short walk from where we stayed

 In the upper left corner you can see our cabin, which overlooked this creek

Your Papa and I had big plans Saturday night for an early celebration dinner with you in San Marcos at our favorite spot from last year- Palmers. You had other ideas! Namely, you decided you did NOT want to sit with us to eat, so Papa and I had to take turns eating alone while the other one walked with you outside by the fountain. I also nursed you standing up in a tiny bathroom stall which was quite difficult & in retrospect, comedic (though in the moment quite stressful!).

You and your Papa have a definite family resemblance

Here are your 4 month updates!

How old? 4 months today

How big? We see your Pediatrician for your 4 month appointment on Friday so will update stats in another post then. I suspect you will still be measuring long & lean.

Milestones? So many this month! To include:

*Becoming SO aware & tracking movement with your eyes. If something changes or moves in your peripheral vision, you turn your head to see what is going on.

*Rolling side to side, and when doing tummy time on a pillow, sometimes you flip yourself over (always to your left). You've also managed to flip yourself back from flat on your tummy a couple of times, but usually you just get really mad & cry until we turn you back around.

*Vocalizing! You have been experimenting with the volume of your voice, and have added squawking sounds to your cooing. You are blowing lots of spit bubbles & drooling like crazy. You also love to 'sing' with me, which is the cutest thing ever. When I sing your nighttime songs or sing while sitting with you in the backseat of the car, you'll look directly in my eyes and squawk sing along.

Like this!

*Wanting to stand on your feet- you are so strong! You LOVE when we hold your hands & help pull you up to standing. I wonder if- like your Papa- you will be an early walker (he apparently started at 7 months).

*I can tell you have a silly spirit in you- this is something I wished for you in my nightly prayers while pregnant. You have a mischievous sparkle in your eyes- and when nursing will 'play' with me- going on and off the boob, smiling, eyes twinkling all the while.

Sleep? We are usually up at least 2x/night, sometimes 3. You have been giving me an initial 7-8 hour stretch, then 2-3 hours, then a final 1 hour before you are up for the day. You catnap during the daytime every 2 hours or so for 15-60 minutes.

So happy in the morning

Current likes:
*Standing up straight and tall
*Being outside! You love going for walks
*Baths in the big tub
*"Talking" and practicing all your vocalizations
*Music! If you are fussy in the car turning the radio up always does the trick. You also seem to enjoy the Bluegrass Pandora station I play every morning while getting ready

One of my absolute favorite things? When you nurse, you twist your top arm and nuzzle your little fist into the warmth of my cleavage. Then you knead like a little kitten. It is the sweetest thing ever and always melts my heart.

*Diaper changes- you fuss a lot more during these now. Speaking of diapers, your current MO for your baby potty is peeing on it first thing in the morning, then usually you will do your #2 on it as well at some point during the day. You haven't been wanting to pee on it after the morning. But you do enjoy peeing all over just AFTER getting off the potty! I've learned to have several layers of padding under you at all times.
*Being patient. If it is time to nurse and I am taking too long getting ready, you definitely let me know you aren't happy! When we return home from an outing you also have to be out of that car seat almost immediately or you will be quite mad.
*Red lights (this feeds into the "patient" part- you love to keep moving).
*Any type of baby carrier. You tolerate the Maya ring sling, but really hate the Moby & the Beco I just bought.

The Beco lasted literally 3 minutes before you were over it. 
I think you're still too small!

Postpartum body? Our almost daily walks are helping with the last of my baby weight- when I weighed myself last week I was only 1.5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Carrying you around is making my arms very strong, and I'm still trying to get in an Ashtanga yoga practice a few times a week.

Taken from our studio garage apartment, where we'll be living until next Monday.
You photo bombed me!

What do I miss? I miss being able to take my time at dinner and have solo dates with your Papa. I think you are *just* about ready for a babysitter, now that your witching hours seem to be a thing of the past (yay!). You are such a happy, joyful little spirit...  but still a bit weary of strangers holding you.

Most looking forward to? I'm excited for you to be able to sit up on your own (even if just in the Bumbo)- as I can tell you are really wanting to master that! I am also looking forward to our first Easter celebration with you. We host this holiday at our home, and it will be extra special having you there with us this year (although I guess technically you were there last year!).

Your personality & spirit have really started to shine through this past month, and we continue to be absolutely smitten with you! We think you are the most beautiful, most intelligent, most entertaining baby in the world. Obviously!

Here are the excerpts from your photo shoot today- Happy 4 Months, sweet girl!

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  1. She is so cute! I love the photos of her next to your cat. You look fantastic!