Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Big Girl Updates- 18 Weeks

Iyla Grace was 18 weeks old yesterday (on the 18th! A 'golden' week milestone) and has been making some amazing 'big girl' strides lately.

Over the weekend she worked on napping flat on her back:

On the studio kitchen carpet, no less....

Attended her first SXSW music festival:

She was clearly impressed by the bands 

Dressed in a little green to celebrate her 1st St. Patty's Day:

Irish Jig!

A little River Dancing on the new quilt that my friend Jen made for her. 
We love it!

She also made a very successful transition to sleeping flat on her back in her Pack n Play! We have 2 nights under our belts now... and so far, so good. I've been keeping her swaddled, as I don't think that inhibits her ability to move her neck and don't want to spring too many changes on her at once. She's been going to sleep around 7:30 and is up to nurse around 12:30, 4, & 6, then up for the day by 7:30. She has been falling back asleep pretty quickly, and I think enjoying this change!

Yesterday in celebration of her 18 weeks, Iyla mastered a new skill: grabbing her feet! And it is all.she.does now:

 Wahoo! Connecting the dots. I'm wondering how long it will be before she figures out how to get those toes in her mouth!

She has to concentrate SO hard while she does this- she grabs, fusses, concentrates, then grabs again.

When she wasn't catching her feet yesterday, she was either crying or sleeping. The day went like this: nap, wake up crying, nurse, grab toes, nap, repeat. She was definitely having a growing day!

She spent a lot of time passed out in my arms

She's been working on more neck strengthening exercises like sitting in her Bumbo:

And right now- as we speak- she is trying out a big girl nap in her crib:

Aaaaaand- she's up!. Till next time....

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