Sunday, March 3, 2013

In Which I Begin Balding

So here's a little secret no one likes to share with pregnant women: there's a good chance that a couple months after you give birth you will begin losing hair in mass quantities.

It started slowly & innocently enough- I found myself occasionally picking pieces of my hair off Iyla. Then I began picking more and more hairs off of her... then off of me, the couch, the shower drain, my brush, you name it. My hair was and IS everywhere. The worst are the hairs that somehow sneak their way into my cleavage- tickling and taunting me, causing me to awkwardly 'go fish' in hopes of some relief.

Yesterday I got my hair cut for the first time since Iyla was born. I was suffering from what I call "flat hippie hair head" and really needing a spruce up. After my stylist washed my hair and sat me down to discuss the cut I wanted, she casually commented "you are really in the thick of the post pregnancy hair loss, aren't you?" Mortified I replied "you can tell?!" She said she'd gotten several handfuls during the shampoo- and indeed during the cut she was constantly flinging my hairs from her hands. She said it happened to almost all of her pregnant clients.

Say what? Why hadn't anyone prepared me for this?

I'm really hoping the hair loss calms down soon. As an infant I lost a lot of hair on the front of my head, and let's just say it was NOT a cute look.

In other updates this week:

Iyla had another play date with her friend Harper & a new friend Henley. At least this time she wasn't the one karate chopping the other babies:

Harper let Henley know who was boss

I've been wondering if Iyla has torticollis, and am going to ask about it at her 4 month appointment March 15th. Since birth she has heavily favored looking over her left side, and her head tends to tip down toward her right shoulder. At our 2 month appointment the doctor wasn't too concerned, and I've been trying to do stretching exercises with her daily. Her head tilt is much more noticeable to me when in the presence of the other babes- you can see it in the picture above.

Iyla accompanied me to another closing this week:

My client was hoping this was Iyla's first closing; nope, it was her 2nd! 
She did great and slept through most of the signing.

She also continues to be endlessly entertained & fascinated by her hands... often resembling a mad scientist as she studies them:

These are MINE? I can make them do things?

In closing I leave you with a video BC took yesterday. Iyla has been making the cutest little cooing and gurgling noises, and often can't be bothered to remove her hands from her mouth while she 'talks:'

She's probably asking why Mama is suddenly going bald.....


  1. Ahhhh! I just realized the hair thing is happening to me too! Damn it. Your hair is really cute though. I love the short blonde cut. Yeah, definitely ask about the toricollis and ask if you can be referred to Early Intervention. The service sends out some specialists to do an evaluation on your baby in your home and then they tell you what services they think your child would benefit from, and the cost to you is pretty low because it's subsidized by the state and you pay based on a sliding sale. We have PT come every week and a Speech Therapist once a month. My boys have benefited so much from it!

  2. ugh. I am balding too! Can't even get my hands through my hair to wash it it just becomes a big mess of knots with all the hair coming out! I was worried about the turning the head thing too as R always looked to the right, but I made sure to always turn her in her crib (one night facing one end, the next the other end) and now she seems to have grown out of it - I think it is just a phase that they eventually get out of and get comfy looking both ways.

  3. So much HAIR that needs to reattach itself to my head. The worst. I'm taking omega 3s, mineral something or other, and prenatals. I think it's been helping but it certainly hasn't stopped it. Your hair is cute!