Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Teenaged 19 Week Old

I think Iyla has turned into a teenager. Case in point:

1. She has several adult like pimples on her face- and while BC and I would like to blame his genes (he had acne as a teen) baby acne is usually due to the mother's hormones (sorry Iyla!).

Thanks Mom

2. She has begun wearing ultra hip jeans (courtesy of a fabulous box of hand-me-down clothes from my dear friend Jenny):

Do you think someone knows she's cute?

3. She has developed a fondness for motorcycles:

Hanging on the Harley with our friend Dustin

4. She is very unpredictable with her sleep. We are now a week into the transition to the Pack n Play, and her first stretch of evening sleep has gotten slowly but surely longer, from 4 hours to a 7 hour stretch two nights ago. Last night? Down at 8pm, then up at 1, 3, 5, & 6:30. I am one tired Mama this morning.

I've also begun swaddling & doing a routine for Iyla's nap times. She doesn't have set naps quite yet, but we are a couple days into getting a pretty consistent 30-60 minute morning nap starting around 9. I'm hoping that one lengthens a bit and a more defined afternoon nap starts to take place. She still likes to snooze 4-5x/day.

Think she's on to me?

Iyla's been loving this red ball toy and is working hard on perfecting her iron clad grasp on it:

I'd like to note how straight her head looks in those pictures! We've been to the chiropractor every week, and last week he said the rotation in her neck had definitely eased up. Her head is still sitting just slightly off to the right, but I'm hopeful that continued care & stretches will help straighten her out! Iyla is also going to get some cranial sacral work done today as well... I'm curious what that will look like for an infant.

She's getting stronger in the Bumbo! Still a little floppy, but better.

Perfecting the Aunt Jemima Bumbo look

Ha- taken literally minutes after the last shot. 
She always sleeps with her legs Spread Eagle!

One thing that isn't so teen like? Her love for BC and I. Last night she would NOT let me put her down at dinner time, so I very clumsily ate left handed as we cuddled. BC noticed she was staring right up at me the entire time and snapped this sweet shot:

Iyla says: who needs to eat when you can stare at my adorable face?

 Happy girl with her Papa. Apparently he doesn't need to eat either...

Rockin' the sassy Flashdance leggings

That sweet love is something I am going to cherish every.single.day. She'll be a real teen soon enough, so for now we'll take the pimples, motorcycles, fashion, & erratic sleep!

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  1. Her new sleep schede sounds just like Everleighs right now. Ugh.

    She is such a smiley cutie, and her alignment looks so much better!!