Friday, March 8, 2013

One Year Later

One year ago today- March 8th, 2012- against all odds our precious Iyla Grace was conceived. Today I am feeling so much gratitude for the huge blessing she is to our lives. I know it sounds cliche- but she was totally worth the wait. Three tumultuous years of trying to get pregnant, countless rounds of clomid, femara, IUI's... 2 injectables cycles... 1 miscarriage... so many tears. She definitely had her own timeline and way of doing things from the very beginning.

This afternoon we head back to Wimberley for a 3 night stay in the country. It will be our first family vacation, and an excellent way to celebrate. Last year at this time we were also headed to Wimberley- I was pregnant and didn't know it yet.

We love you so much, sweet Iyla Grace! 
Thank you for choosing us.

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  1. What a wonderful milestone to celebrate! Have fun!