Friday, July 12, 2013

8 Months Old!

Sweet Iyla Grace, today you are 8 months old! You are learning so much every single day, and are such a happy, smiley, delightful little girl. Here are your 8 month updates:

How old? 8 months today!

How big? We visited your pediatrician to check out the rash on your neck when you were 7.5 months old (consensus was a normal drooling rash) and at that appointment you had jumped up to 13 lbs, 11ounces (5%) and 27 1/4 inches tall (50-75%). Papa and I have noticed some additional rolls on those little legs of yours, likely from the addition of solid foods this month.

Here you are in comparison to Sam:

Sleep? You have a pretty consistent sleep routine. You typically nap around 9am for 40 minutes, then again around 12pm for 1-1.5 hours. Sometimes you take a short afternoon nap as well. Bedtime is between 7-7:30, and you wake one hour later wanting more to eat- then are usually up one time during the night before rising for your day around 7am. You have slept through the night a couple times in the past week! That seems to be the exception more than the norm, but it is always exciting when it happens. You have some adorable sleeping poses:

Food? This month you started solid foods! You are not a voracious eater like some babies- sometimes I think you are just humoring me when you eat. You really like pureed carrots, sweet potatoes, and loved the blend of apple/butternut squash I just tried out. You are not too hip on peas- one of the only things you flat out spit at. You also do not really love finger foods, due to getting larger, more firm pieces in your mouth. These typically make you gag and throw up! You've tried watermelon, bananas, avocado, apple, & bread. Bread was the definite favorite in the group- that was one item you didn't regurgitate.

I also introduced soy based formula to you this month. My supply seemed to be down in the evenings, and you would wake 1-2x within an hour after nursing wanting more. I also wasn't producing enough to pump and have bottles for when others watched you. You've done AWESOME with the formula- no problems at all! At bedtime, I nurse you and then give you a bottle after. You love having your bedtime bottle so much that often you barely nurse and will crane your head to look at the waiting bottle on the ottoman! You still nurse extremely well throughout the rest of the day.

It also seems you have an affinity for beer:

Milestones? So many this month!

*You are pretty much sitting unassisted now. If the Boppy is behind you to cushion you KNOW it, and use it like a crutch. No Boppy? You can sit steadily for a long time- though I still hover very close! We put a large carpet in the office/play room to help cushion you as you learn to sit and move.

*You have a regular nanny now who you love. Veronica comes Tuesday mornings & Thursday afternoons to play with you while I run errands, work, & have a date night with your Papa.

*You are now rolling onto your tummy and propping up all the time. I think you are prepping toward crawling. Many mornings when I come greet you you are already up on your belly peeking out of your crib.

*You are also still rolling, and get some good distance slowly but surely when you want to. In the photo below you had been seated at the Boppy pillow, then made your way closer to the toy baskets:

*You are still doing very well with your baby potty. I always know if you have to go because you will sit for a bit until something comes out. If you don't have to go, you immediately try to stand up after being sat down.

*You LOVE swimming. You are a little fish and are doing great at your swim lessons & playing in the pool. In the bathtub you kick and splash up a storm.

*You said your first word! In the past week I could have sworn I heard you say "kitty," but second guessed myself because I didn't think kiddos your age could purposefully say words yet. Then your nanny said that she had heard you say kitty a couple of times, and a quick post to my November Mamas group agreed that babes can and do start having their first words around this time. I actually caught you saying it on video by accident! You are your mothers' child (and your Mimi's granddaughter- Mimi and Grampy have 5 cats!)... love that 'kitty' is your first word.

You definitely adore Sam- unfortunately you mostly love pulling his hair, paws, & tail. He is still mostly patient and gentle with you!

*Yesterday when we were leaving the neighborhood pool we were saying bye to another little girl, and you waved your arm up and down while opening & closing your fist! I do believe that was your first purposeful 'bye-bye,' but will have to see it again to believe it.

Current Likes:
*Your stacking blocks: you never seem to get tired of playing with these.
*Our "Moo, Ba, La-La-La" book. You get a huge kick out of it!
*Your little rubber bath toys. You love to play with these & chew on them.
*Cruising around in your walker & exploring the house
*Smiling at any and every person you encounter
*Anything with water! Baths, swimming, swim lessons....

Sam loves your toys, too!

 You are so social and love entertaining when we go out. On this night you kept taking a deep bow while holding up your napkin for dramatic flair! Your Papa and I thought it was hilarious.

Current Dislikes:
*I can't think of any! You have been such a happy, happy girl lately.

Postpartum body:
*The brace on my wrist is really helping with my 'mommy thumb,' though it is still tender without it.
*My hair loss has definitely slowed WAY down, finally!
*I am trying to do yoga at home when able, since it is usually too hot for walks. My weight hovers around 105 these days, which is 3 pounds less than what I weighed before I got pregnant with you.  I think breastfeeding + no dairy (and genetics) has been the magic combination.
*I've had 2 postpartum cycles, both wonderfully cramp free. Can't confirm that I've ovulated yet - I'm currently on day 24 of this cycle with no ovulation in sight!
*My migraines have picked up in the past week, and I think stress has a lot to do with that. My work has gotten busier, and we also hosted 9 family members at our house for 5 days! Lots of busy fun.

 Papa caught you asking to nurse while out. You are not shy about asking for what you want, that's for sure.

A recent shot from my cousin's wedding. I was happy to still fit into one of my favorite formal dresses!

Most looking forward to?
*We booked a trip at the end of the month for a weekend in Fort Worth. We are going to take a train there, complete with a private carriage compartment! We may visit the zoo and a few museums, and also plan to just relax a lot at our hotel, which has an indoor pool. Can't wait.

Here are the photos from your official 8 month photo shoot, which took place over 2 days (and 2 outfits!)

You are so active now, this month's shoot was a creative challenge! You much preferred playing with the 8 month sticker than posing with it.

We love you so much, sweet girl! Here's to another month filled with lots of playing, growing, & wonderment.


  1. oh my goodness I LOVE those rompers, those are exactly what I would have R live in if I could find anything half as cute - or if we ever got warm enough weather - where are they from??!!
    She is too damn cute. We are in the same boat with the rotate and roll and no crawling yet!
    And also, same place postpartum, 2 periods and long cycles with no definite ovulation yet.....damn!

    1. I am a Baby Gap addict- that is where the cute little blue flowered romper is from. Her little dress was from Nordstrom- a Ralph Lauren brand. But mostly Baby Gap and Old Navy here! Thanks for your sweet comments- and hopefully both of our cycles will snap into shape soon.

    2. Thanks! I am a baby gap addict as well but have never seen that one! In fact, I was just there today :). Damn them and their daily email deals!!!