Saturday, July 13, 2013

Baby Carnivore

Our friends Andy & Julie (who have been staying with us since the beginning of June) cooked up a delicious flank steak dinner last night. The steaks were sliced in oh-so-perfect Baby Led Weaning sizes, so I thought we'd give it a shot with Iyla (who thus far hasn't really gotten into solid foods, save for bread). Iyla had been having a fussy evening and had refused her pureed sweet potato dinner, so I wasn't sure how this would fly.

The kid LOVED it!

She went to town on the steak pieces, sucking out every little drop of juice. She was like a little voracious beast and could not be stopped. It was awesome.

The beginning of the evening- Ms. Fussypants was temporarily calmed in the Becco (I LOVE when she lets me wear her!)

Hmmm.... this is quite delicious

Success! Who knew all it would take to make Iyla happy again was steak.

8 month birthday dinner!

So now we know that Iyla is officially a baby carnivore! A girl after my own heart.


  1. The nights I give the babies chicken for dinner they sit at the table for like 20-25min. Love that meat! LOL

  2. I gave the boys some shredded cheddar last night for the first time and they went apeshit over it! I need to get on some steak ASAP! Looks delish!