Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weekend Getaway

BC, Iyla and I set off by train yesterday for a little weekend getaway to Ft. Worth:

We got our own sleeper train car, so we'd have a bit more room to spread out. If you've ever seen the Sex and the City episode where Carrie and Samantha take the train to California, well- it was pretty much exactly like that. Super small quarters with a teeny toilet room that doubled as a shower. We were happy to have the privacy, and overall Iyla did great. She needed more constant entertainment (I didn't blame her- our 4.5 hour trip turned into 6.5 with delays!) and took a couple short snoozes in her car seat.

We arrived to the Ft. Worth station with a plan to walk the estimated 6 or so blocks to our hotel. Pretty much immediately after we set off with stroller, car seat, & luggage in tow the skies turned black and we were hit with a torrential downpour. We also got lost and walked about 10 soaking blocks out of our way. Iyla thought is was all quite a grand adventure, and managed to still have smiles for us once we finally arrived at our hotel:

She was way overtired, and eventually fell asleep in my arms from 4:45-5:30. She hasn't napped in my arms in SO long... I couldn't stop staring at her sweet, peaceful little face:

I wondered how that late nap might affect her nighttime sleeping. We had JUST come off a week of her sleeping through the night consistently, and I was nervous about how she'd do in a hotel room Pack n Play.

I was right to be nervous.

Apparently Iyla is boycotting vacation sleep, and was up last night at 9, 12, from 3-4 (she was ready to play and I finally had to bring her into bed with me), 5:30, then ready for the day at 6:30. There is no way I could let her "cry it out" at a hotel, so with each wake I had to scoop her up and nurse her back to sleep.

BC had gleefully announced before bed last night that he was soooo looking forward to sleeping in as long as he needed to in the morning (I was to have morning duty). However, after that long night, I woke him at 6:30 asking him to take first duties so I could sleep a bit more. I am not someone who is able to go back to sleep after getting up, and knew that without the extra sleep my whole day would be pretty much shot (and our only full day of vacation!). BC luckily agreed to the last minute change of plans and I was able to sleep until 8.

Iyla also fought her morning nap big time today. It took 45 minutes, 2 diaper changes, & countless paci reinsertions/back patting to get that little bird to sleep. I bring you her sleep boycott in pictures:

She has also taken to an interesting vacation poop schedule, which may see us running out of diapers. She has been going just a over and over and over again, such that each time I change her and think we are good to go, within 30-45 minutes she has made another little present for me.

You better bet I'll be going to bed super duper early tonight. I have no false illusions that she will sleep any better on night #2, and while I am excited to be in a new city exploring, I am already looking forward to returning to our routine (and sleep) back home in Austin!


  1. Lol! All those wubbanubs in her pack and play! She is so dang cute! Her hair is getting dark! Her little legs remind me of Evers. I wish you guys lived close enough for a play date!

  2. Oh boy, this post is the TRUTH that I must face in 3 weeks when my folks and I take the boys to Michigan for a 3 night condo stay by the beach. In the meantime I will daydream about it and try to ignore the reality. :)

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