Thursday, July 25, 2013

Out with the Old.....

I am happy to report that my "Mommy Thumb" is doing considerably better! I intercepted another mama I see on occasion at the neighborhood pool, and she'd asked about the bandage on my hand. She then told me she too had experienced the same ailment from months 2-4 with her little guy before it got better. For whatever reason that afternoon I decided to take off my bandage & start stretching my hand out more. Miraculously (and knocking on wood here)- it seems to be doing MUCH better!

Then yesterday this happened:

That would be what I am almost 99% sure is a broken toe. I stubbed it HARD on a counter stool, and as the day went on it got more and more black and blue. Luckily it doesn't hurt too much on its own- but if something bumps it, OwwwwEeeeee! Not much one can do for a broken toe save tape it to another toe... so here's hoping it heals quickly.

I am happy to report that Iyla decided she was OUT with the old way of waking nightly, and IN with sleeping through the night! We got 4 nights in a row of 11-12 hour stretches. Then last night she decided she was OUT with the sleeping through the night, and back IN with waking for a 3am feed. And so it goes.

Here's what Iyla has been up to lately:

Visits from friends (our friend Sarah is in from Ireland to visit her brother and our good friend Andy, and her niece Lily):

Iyla ADORES Lily

The Procter family

Auntie Sarah 

Perfecting the fine art of nose bubble blowing:

Catching flies:

Going on almost daily swims:

Sharing new toys with Sam:

Admiring herself in the mirror:

Practicing her musical skills:

Modeling new headbands from Little Hip Squeaks:

And just generally being cute:

Tomorrow we board the Amtrak train for a family weekend getaway to Fort Worth! BC and I have had house guests ever since we returned from our road trip, so are looking forward to a little family R&R. 

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