Monday, July 29, 2013

Fort Worth

After Iyla woke from her nap Saturday (a 2 HOUR nap- woot!) we packed up and headed out to the Fort Worth Zoo. The weather was idyllic- a high of 91. That is a serious cool front here in the Texas summer, where typical highs have been in the 100+ range lately.

Iyla did awesome. Her very favorite species to watch were Homo sapiens. Without fail, we'd be in front of a beautiful giraffe or elephant, and Iyla would be looking to her side- smiling away at the nearest person whose gaze she could catch.

Watching the humans. If she caught their eye they would be rewarded with a beaming smile and a dramatic bow.

After the zoo, we took a family nap before heading out to one of the most highly rated steakhouses here in town- Del Frisco's. Iyla tried out a restaurant high chair while I fed her a jar of sweet potatoes. She also happily noshed on pieces of bread and stayed content for our entire meal!

After dinner we headed to an Irish Pub for a nightcap, where Iyla took to doing some Irish jigs on top of the bar. She was happily entertaining everyone for a good 10 minutes before the manager requested that we please remove the baby from atop the bar.

Dancing on the bar

Iyla did so much better sleeping our 2nd night- she woke at 1:30 to nurse, then I heard her wake 2 more times throughout the night, putting herself quickly back to bed both times. She was ready to roll at 5:45am, so I nursed her and happily handed her off to BC for morning duty.

All this sightseeing is exhausting

We all made it safely home yesterday, and it felt luxurious to be in our own space & beds again. It was cute to see how excited Iyla was to see all of her old familiar toys!

BC and I agreed that we really enjoyed taking the train on our little getaway. Fort Worth is a quaint little town with so much history and so much to see and do. We will definitely return!

Modeling Papa's hat on the train ride home

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  1. Okay, how many photos do you have to take to get one of Iyla smiling? I assume she smiles for every single one. She is so sweet and good natured. I laughed out loud that of all the species at the zoo, she likes to watch humans the best. And that the bartender asked you to take the baby down from the bar!!! I'm surprised they let her in at all! Looked like a fun vacation!