Monday, August 5, 2013

Growing Up

Iyla Grace has been doing some serious growing up lately!

On Saturday, she started taking my hands to pull herself up to standing. She is still a wiggly wobbly little noodle once up, but I can tell she is actively working on strengthening muscles toward more and more independence. She just loves this new 'game' and will reach for my hands over and over and over again.

Then yesterday after her nap, I put her on her belly and placed a little shoe just out of her reach. She stretched and reached for it and then became pensive. Instead of working to move her legs to get closer, that little lady pulled the carpet that the shoe was on bit by bit until it was finally tugged close enough to reach! Smart kid.

I am so going to Harvard

Right after the rug pulling event I watched as she started experimenting with scooting backwards on the wood floor while in a seated position. She would reach out to see how close she was to the nearest object (like the window sill or a toy)- straighten her legs and scoot backwards, then reach out again to see how much further from said object she was. She also experimented with gently tossing a toy from her hands then trying to reach long or scoot backwards to fetch it.

Didn't quite catch the scooting on video here, but I did catch some adorable smiles!

A girl and her shoe

I have a feeling it won't be long until she is officially much more mobile!

Iyla has also been taking an increased interest in her books. She loves to pull them all off of the playroom bookshelf, and will sit captivated in my lap while I read book after book after book. So sweet.

I picked out a few to read, Mama!

I've met a couple new moms with little girls near Iyla's age and am working to schedule weekly play dates for Iyla. At this point in her development it is mostly parallel play or a tug of war over a given toy with other babes- though today she did some hilarious back and forth squawking with her friend Sabine! It was like they were having their own baby 'conversation.' I think it is so good for her to observe other kids and start learning early social skills.

Speaking of vocalizing, Iyla is also greatly enjoying a new game where we imitate her sounds back to her. She will look us right in the eye and experiment with loud, quiet, short, & long sounds. She thinks it is pretty funny when we copy what she says!

Play date with new friend Sabine, who was born exactly one month after Iyla on 12-12-12. They even have the same little denim jumper... can you say BFFs?

I'd like some of that melon, please!

Iyla has been perfecting her kicking & dancing skills lately. Case in point, some post-nap dance routine practice, complete with a Wannanub pacifier in each hand:

And some before bed calisthenics:

Her actual sleeping poses never cease to amaze me and continually crack me up:

And this morning? Iyla did her first flip forward from the bouncy chair in our bathroom. Luckily the strap held her in snug enough so she didn't completely flip onto the floor, but it still gave me a mini heart attack.

It is a new era in our household... and definitely time to get started on baby proofing!

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