Friday, August 16, 2013

Just Like Lance Armstrong

I'm on steroids.

Well, ONE steroid injection, to be specific.

I finally went to a hand specialist yesterday for my "Mommy Thumb," which has been flaring up again for the past couple of weeks. The most highly recommended course of treatment was a steroid injection directly to the inflamed tendon (OUCH!). The doc said that in many cases this 'cures' the problem, as the steroid causes the inflammation to pretty immediately shrink back to its normal state. I did a quick call to my Pediatrician to check for safety with breastfeeding and got the green light.

The doc said it could take a few days to fully take effect.... but this morning I already feel a HUGE difference! The tenderness and swelling have drastically reduced and I am not having pain while typing this. It is a small miracle to say the least, and I'm kicking myself for not having done it sooner.

So, Mr. Armstrong.... I feel 'ya. These steroids are good stuff.

Feeling grateful.

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  1. Mommy thumb! Ahh! I started wearing wrist / hand braces to bed because of my mommy thumb that I had right when the babies were born. I was already seeing a PT so she showed me what I was doing wrong and it went away eventually, but definitely slowly over time. Steroids sound amazing. hahaha