Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Farewell, Salty Sow

Oh Salty Sow.

It started as a crush. Your Blanche margaritas (with salt), delicious brussels sprouts, and pork belly taco- each only $4 during happy hour- lured me in.

From there we entered into a full blown love affair. BC and I deemed Mondays "Sow Monday" and would arrive weekly to enjoy your spoils (pun intended as you read on).

Sadly, I think those Mondays are a thing of the past.

Last night on the ride home from your happy hour delights, I started feeling extremely nauseous. That nausea progressed into my spending 7pm-2am crouched over our bathroom toilet, expelling everything in my being roughly every 20-30 minutes. It was BRUTAL to say the least. I literally lost 3 pounds of fluids over night.

When I called your manager to report that had happened and what I had eaten, he had the gall to tell me that food poisoning usually takes 10-12 hours to manifest after eating spoiled food. Uh... nope. That has NEVER been the case with me, and I didn't appreciate the inference that I was in the wrong.

Today my body is absolutely wrecked. I am oh so grateful to our amazing nanny Veronica for stepping in for a long, full day to help- complete with running to the grocery store for me to stock up on saltines & fluids. There is no way I could care for our sweet energetic Iyla while in this state.

So, Salty Sow- I'd love to say it wasn't you, it was me... but in this case... it was totally you.

It is time for me to move on. The end of our Sow Monday Era.

I wish you well.

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