Monday, August 26, 2013

9 1/2 Months and Grow Grow Growing!

But before I get to the growing updates, I bring you this:


Yup. THIS happened Saturday night. First pizza in 7+ months. It was every bit as heavenly tasting as it looks. I *may* have eaten the entire thing in one sitting. Had to make up for lost time!

Now on to Iyla Grace, who had a BIG growing weekend! It absolutely amazes me when I can literally SEE her changing before my eyes.

Growing more and more every single day!

This past weekend she definitely entered a new developmental stage with so many new skills, to include:

*Realizing she has CHOICES and can ask for what she wants. This is closely followed by realizing disappointment when not given exactly what she wants fast enough- resulting in a mini meltdown/tantrum. These are hilarious to BC and I... she will stick her lip out and wail, stomping her little feet... doesn't last long, but definitely gets the point across!

Despite her look of apprehension on this wagon ride, she had a full out fit when I stopped pulling her! And so we went again... and again... and again....

*"Dancing" and asking for music. She just started bobbing her head along when I sing- it's the cutest thing! Then today I noticed her do the head bob without music, and realized she was asking for it. I then started singing and her little head bobbed happily along.

*Choosing her books! I have started putting 3 books in front of her and saying "show Mama which one you want to read." She will then reach forward and touch or grab a selected book. One time she even rejected all of the selections: she looked at them all, then wanted me to help her "walk" to the bookshelf to pick a different book!

*Waving hello and goodbye! Not consistently, but she gets it. She enjoys studying herself in the mirror as that little arm flaps up and down.

*Realizing that the little baby in the mirror is HER. She is totally entertained watching herself do different face expressions, arm movements, etc.

Why hello, beautiful!

Playtime with the baby in the mirror

*Yesterday while reading a book, there was a part with a 'kitty' in it. She then turned to look at Sam (our cat), and looked back and forth several times between the kitty in the book and Sam. I could see her little brain "getting" that these two things were the same!

This girl loves her kitties!

*Initiating games, most often "peek-a-boo!" So cute.

Peek-a-boo with the wagon

Peek-a-boo with a little shoe

*Learning to put things BACK inside baskets, instead of just taking things out.

She also likes me to help her  'step' into baskets to sit

Putting kitty in for a ride

*Working hard to pull to stand and testing out the physics of different items to pull up on. She pulled herself to stand from sitting in her new wagon, and almost stood up while pulling on a kitchen stool. She is also getting really good at moving from a seated position to up on her knees.

From this seated position she grabbed the wagon bar & pulled to stand!

From bottom to knees

*She finally got chewing & swallowing down to a comfortable level! Previously when I put small finger foods like puffs on her high chair she would just push them around. Now they go straight to her mouth, where she 'chews' them in her gums and swallows with no more choking. It is a new eating era over here! Time to reduce the purees and increase the solids.

Proud face of a bona fide eater! And we really need to lower the high chair foot rest- she thinks it is lots of fun to stand up tall while in that seat.

*She is getting masterful at controlling her body. I watched yesterday as she started to fall backwards from a seated position on our wood floors. Before my reflexes could reach out and 'save' her (telling myself she was about to knock her head)- that little one's OWN amazing reflexes kicked in. She caught herself with one arm outstretched behind her, and in a split second flipped to belly and ended up safely propped up by both arms, totally unscathed.

In conclusion, a few outtakes from our weekend. I was solo parenting all weekend long while BC played in a golf tournament. Iyla and I survived, but are oh so happy to have Papa back home again (with the coveted Lambert Cup in possession to boot!)

Friday Play date with Isla

Bedtime boo-boo, who thought waking at 5:45am all weekend was the way to go.

Sunday morning brunch. I was brave and took her out to my fav coffee shop! She did awesome.

Like mother, like child... this little lady did NOT want to have her back to the restaurant and let me know it.

I changed seats with her and she was much happier (and safer!)

These little jelly packets blew her mind. I may have stashed the entire bowl full one or two in my purse for future use....

Lounging in her wagon

BC and his brother in Oklahoma City. 
The Lambert Cup has finally come home to Austin!

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  1. God that baby is cute! I just sat down to write almost this same post - 9 months has been huge for us! Way to go miss Iyal!