Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Experiments in Food & Fashion

Today was a big day in our house.

I decided to face my fears and finally test out feeding diary directly to Iyla. I have been dreading this, to say the least. When Iyla was 2 months old and in the throws of nightly colic witching hours, I proactively cut all dairy out of my diet to see if that would help mitigate the fussiness. She did become MUCH more content around 3 months old, but it was hard to say if that change was due to eliminating diary or to her maturing past that stage.

Since then, I've tried folding in dairy to my diet a couple times to see how she did, and told myself she did seem fussier in the days following it. So I continued a strict diary free diet.

I didn't want to unnecessarily sentence Iyla to a life devoid of the joys of cheese and ice cream, so I knew at some point I'd need to ease her into eating dairy and carefully observe how she did.

If you know anything about Iyla Grace from reading this blog, it won't surprise you that after all this stressing and build up on my part, she did JUST FINE. Like, no big deal at all (though admittedly she just had the greek yogurt mix for today's breakfast and lunch- but so far, so great!) I am so relieved, and plan to incorporate a little diary into each of her meals going forward.

This looks interesting....

I like it, Mama! But next time try getting more in my mouth and less on my face

Then, on a whim during her morning play time, I decided to slip a pair of shoes on Iyla's feet. I had purchased several pairs of adorable baby shoes when pregnant, but once Iyla was here those shoes never made it on her feet. I just couldn't see the point. So, in the vein of "dressing up" I donned her in her tutu and a pair of the shoes: 
Cuteness overload!

Yay Mama! I like wearing shoes. (clap clap clap)

Most hilarious? When I took the shoes off after a very brief time (telling myself they probably weren't comfortable)- she tried to put her little feet back in them! 

Just look at how cute I am in these!

Iyla kept those little shoes on until I finally pulled them off 30 minutes into our play time. They were so cute but were SUPER slippery on the wood floors. Not very practical! *Sigh*- get used to it little one... girls' shoes are often made more for fashion than comfort.

Demonstrating her early mastery of the Herkie. Future cheerleader?

All in all, today's experiments with food & fashion went quite well. I'm lucky to have such a sweet, adorable trooper as my apprentice!

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