Monday, August 12, 2013

9 Months Old!

Sweet Iyla Grace, today you are 9 months old! It is truly hard to believe. You have done so much growing up in the past month, and every day is a fun new adventure.

9 months in, 9 months out!

Play time with your new teething necklaces

I tried this sunhat on you to see if it fit, and you started playing peek-a-boo with me!

Here are your 9 month updates!

How old? 9 months old today

How big? We had your 9 month appointment this afternoon (right during what should have been your 2nd nap of the day! You still did SO well and had plenty of smiles for everyone). You are still measuring long and lean and staying on your growth curve.... 28 inches tall (75%), 14 lbs 12 oz (5%), and your head was in the 25th percentile.

Here you are in your monthly comparisons to Sam. You two were SO hard to get photos of today- he wasn't too thrilled with all your kicking and grabbing maneuvers!

Sleep? You have been doing AWESOME. This month you finally started consistently sleeping through the night! You go to bed between 7-7:15, and 6/7 days will sleep straight through until 7-7:15am. I am so proud of you! You also have very consistent naps- one around 9-9:30 for anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours, then another 3 hours after you wake from the first for about the same amount of time. You go down so sweetly & easily- after you nurse and we sing a couple songs I put you in your crib. You either roll right over and go straight to sleep, or you happily chat and play until you get tired and fall asleep.

You love your play time in the crib once you wake up- I will often watch you on the monitor happily scooting around, talking & playing with your 3 Wannanub pacifiers:

All the pacis! Your Grampy reminded me that like mother, like daughter... I used to gather and 'wear' all of my pacis around the house- one for each finger.

Happy with your gang of buddies. You love gathering them all together. So cute!

This is how I found you on the monitor after we returned from last week's date night. Happy exhausted girl after a night playing with Veronica!

*You still primarily eat purees. Your favorites are sweet potatoes, a mango/pear blend, carrots, and a blueberry/apple blend. You still turn your nose up at peas and don't seem to like anything mixed with apricot.
*For finger foods, you love when we give you a strip of meat to gnaw on. Your favorites are steak & lamb. You also will nibble happily on pieces of bread. Everything else becomes a toy to smear & smash & spread all around!

Morning toast

Sampling the water while out to eat. It's getting harder and harder to take you out with us- I think the more active you get, the more you get bored being out with Mama and Papa!

*Sleeping through the night!
*Learning to clap
*Pulling to stand! You constantly are reaching for Papa's and my hands to pull up on your feet.
*Scooting backwards on your bottom from a sitting position. I've also seen you turn around in a complete circle!
*Holding as many objects as possible in one hand
*Knocking toys together- you love seeing how one object interacts with another
*Turning the pages of books- you love to help!
*When on your belly, you prop WAY up and can actually slowly but surely scoot backwards

My friend Amy had been showing you how to clap earlier in the day... then within 30 minutes of being with your nanny Veronica- who was also showing you how to clap- you GOT it! It's amazing how much these small new skills delight Papa and I almost as much as they delight you. : )

Playing peek-a-boo with me in the car

Potty Time? You are so busy and interested in everything around you it is extremely hard for you to sit still on it! You'll pee on the potty if we put you there right after waking, and you continue to prefer to do your #2's in the privacy of your post-nap crib. When I come up to get you there is almost always a little gift there for me.

Current likes:
*You LOVE love LOVE your books! They are definitely your favorite toys right now, and you are content to sit in my lap and read book after book, helping me turn the pages. You kick your little legs in excitement as we read together.

Choosing your morning reading material

Helping Mimi turn pages in your book

*Play dates with friends. You are so social and really love to interact and connect with other kids & their parents.

Play date with twins Grayson & Coleson. It's a baby fantasy land there and you always have so much fun!

Minutes after the first shot the twins made a break for it while you smiled away

We have started meeting some other little ladies your age! Here you and your friends are playing dress up with your headbands. Future girl 'band?' Left to right Abbie (5 months), you, Sabine (8 months), and Isla (another Isla! 11 months). 

*Playing outside. You love sitting on our porch and eating collecting all of the leaves around you. Even in this heat, you never tire or fuss while playing outdoors.
Mama, let me make you a salad!

*You love performing. You will dance a little jig anytime, anywhere- best with an audience!

Dancing at friend Sabine's house

A post nap performance in your nursery

Postpartum body:
*My "Mommy Thumb" has been acting up again. I finally scheduled a doctor's appointment for next week with a hand specialist to see if they can help speed up the healing.
*I haven't had nearly enough time for yoga, and it is still too hot for walks- so I am feeling just as wiggly-jiggly as you look when you stand on your little legs!
*I can actively see the patches where my new hair is returning after all those months of hair loss. The loss has now stopped, and I have about an inch of new growth coming in:

New little bangs 

*I've had 3 postpartum cycles now... the first was 46 days, 2nd was 39 days... and the most recent cycle saw the return of my dreaded cramps. Not fun... but at least it indicates my body is getting back to its norm.

Scenes from play time in the guest room

Most looking forward to?
*It seems like you are mastering something new on a daily basis! I am excited to watch you become more mobile, though admittedly there is NO rush (I know when that happens it will be GAME ON watching you!).
*I am also wondering when your first tooth will come in. Apparently I was one before I got my 1st tooth, so you may be a late bloomer if you take after me.

Always 'tasting' your toys... possibly working on your first tooth?

Here are your official 9 month photos. They are getting harder and harder to take with each passing month as you are more and more active!

We love you so much Iyla Grace! Happy 9 months to you, darling girl.


  1. I think there's something about 8 months where babies just start sleeping better, that's when Jett started sleeping better too and I've heard from several mamas that their babes started sleeping at 8 months as well. Too bad no one tells us these things in the beginning!!! Iyla is absolutely adorable, one of the cutest babies out there!!!

  2. AW! What a lean little girl! My J is kind of like that :) 19.14lbs (58%) and 29.75'' (94%) at our 9 month appt today. His brother was 21.7lbs (78%) and 29" (76%)...CHUNK.

  3. There is just WAY too much cute here to comment on. Each photo is cuter than the next. I just adore your girl! She has a body type similar to Ever's, long and lean and little. :)

    My hair is doing that too!!

    I'm going to find out a tutorial how to make those hairbands. I think Everleigh needs some.