Monday, August 19, 2013

Steroids! Cheese! Poop!

These are the things that have brought me much joy this week.

Steroids! My Mommy Thumb is CURED, folks. Like completely back to its non-mommy state. If that shizzy ever acts up again I will promptly march myself right back to the doc for another injection.

Cheese! We are back on dairy in this house- woot! I have no doubt that I'll be padding back on the pounds I lost on the no-dairy diet. HAPPILY!

Poop! Iyla has been rockin' the Elimination Communication again. The last 5 mornings she has gone #2 on her potty (and often #1 too)- and several days we've caught a few more #2's as well!

Here's what we've been up to in the past week:

We've been reading many, MANY books. It is Iyla's favorite activity in the world right now. This morning alone I read through a stack of ELEVEN books before she got restless. She studies every picture in great detail and then helps turn the page when ready:

This morning's stash

Reading to her sock monkey

We booked a fall family trip to Colorado! I am beyond excited to see proper fall colors again for the first time in over a decade. And because the weather there will be much cooler than here in Austin, Iyla and I had a little fashion show to see which of her winter hats still fit:

Adorable but cutting it close on fit... 


Ok, that isn't a hat. But it sure was cute and fit just fine.

On Saturday we went on a family mission to find East Austin's Secret Beach. We ended up parking in the wrong lot and walking WAY farther than we needed to, but once we finally found the beach it was well worth it:

First ride on Papa's shoulders! She had a permagrin on her face the entire time.


Post-beach boo-boo

After the beach we met some friends out for a birthday celebration, then took Iyla to our beloved East Side Showroom for dinner:

Always a flair for the dramatic

Iyla has been hinting that it may be time to move her up to a big girl convertible car seat:

She has miles and miles of little legs- all Papa!

And has also come up with a dramatic new way to say she is "all done!" eating:

Ta-da! Now get me out of this chair.

She has mastered the art of playing peek-a-boo with herself:

And in closing, I leave you with a concert- compliments of Iyla and her new piano. She is clearly a prodigy:


  1. All adorable pictures. Love the carseat fanatics and the all done! And this kid is always dressed to the nines! Too funny that you wrote to me this week that we are living parallel lives - as I kid you not my thumb has started to hurt! I thought it was just a one off, but then I noticed that I can feel it whenever I Pick R up off her belly - mommy thumb it is!
    The EC thing has me interested for sure (especially with cloth diapers and solid foods!), but I have to admit - I am a little worried that it's kind of crazy and will screw up my child in the bathroom department for seems so unbelievable!

    PS - I totally tracked down that floral gap romper - and it is my new fave.

  2. She is so adorable! I'm so interested in EC, it's amazing to me that babies are able to do it!