Friday, July 19, 2013

The Naptime Pooper

Iyla has been taking pretty consistent naps for awhile now. In the past week I decided that instead of going to get her immediately when I saw her wake, I'd let her have some independent play time up there. She will happily babble & roll & kick for a long time after she wakes up. It's a blast watching her antics on the monitor, and I usually cave and go fetch her well before she fusses for me.

One thing she's taken to enjoying during this alone time?

Private pooping.

Every.single.time I get her up from her post nap playtime she has a full diaper. I guess in the Elimination Communication world this is clear communicating: "I poop after naps, and I like pooping in the privacy of my crib."

And so it goes...

Hi Mama! I have something special for you.


  1. hahaha! That photo is hilarious! She has the CUTEST smile of any baby anywhere!