Thursday, February 2, 2012

In Which I Take Everything As A Sign

Last night I decided to cash in on my frou-frou tendencies and check out my February horoscope at Susan Miller's Astrology Zone (well respected in the metaphysical world).  I was secretly hoping to see something relating to February 17th, or at the very least, fertility. And lookie what I read as part of Scorpio's February 2012 forecast:

With four highly fertile planets in your fifth house of pregnancy and birth, you have the single best month of the year to try for conception or, if you are pregnant (or your partner is) and near term, to welcome a baby into your family.

How's THAT for an awesome dose of optimism!

And this morning, I couldn't help but notice how everything flowed. Typically when I feel life flow like that I take it as being in exactly the right place -the right path- at the right time (this happened in abundance with the purchase of our current home). I suspect the universe knows we are ready for babies (ya think?) so I am taking EVERYTHING as a good sign.

It started with some beautiful scheduling Gods. I've had a dentist appointment booked for a month now that was to take place at 9:45. Dr. V wanted me to come in for my IUI at 10:15, so something had to give. Happily, my dentist was able to push me up to 9:30, Dr. V to 10:30, and thus the flow had begun!

The visit was purely cosmetic. I have two eye teeth that are still babies (never lost them! Hereditary- Mom still has hers as well) and MOODY little suckers. I'd had them capped about 5 years ago but my left side's cap (what is up with the LEFT side lately? Ovary, I'm talking to YOU) has since fallen off, leaving a tiny tooth with a dark notch (see- moody!) at the top. Since I have another set of clients in final auditions for House Hunters, I decided vanity had to prevail and it was time to take care of business.

From Moody (and gross)

To mahvelous, dahling (minus the double chin)

As I left the dentist with half my mouth numb & droopy, I proceeded to cruise through every green light on the way to Dr. V's. One of my all time happy songs came on the radio, one that I love for its ability to always relax me (which isn't always easy in this TTC world). To top it off? President's parking spot at the fertility clinic!

Me and my beautiful tooth could get used to this

In keeping with the flow, BC's troops were A-MAZING today. The clinic likes to see at least 10 million motile sperm for these inseminations- and Babycakes'? 241.6 million motile! That sample rivals the best one we ever had last September. We are on fire.

Tomorrow is our 2nd IUI and ovulation day. May the good flow continue! Susan Miller agrees that this is a great month to bring on the babies, and that's good enough for me.

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