Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On/Off, Hot/Cold,"Hi, Lo!"

Babycakes and I had a sweet, low-key Valentine's Day. I put on my birthday Princess dress and we headed downtown for a delicious steak dinner at III Forks. They had a red carpet laid out for arrivals & a live jazz band to set the mood. They even had a photographer taking free photos of couples! Perfect. We took the time to share what we appreciate most about each other, and both agree we feel lucky to have found one another.

Monday my mild hot flashes began. Starting Monday night they were no longer "mild" hot flashes- I'd call them full out sweat fests. The past two nights I have been waking up several times soaking wet - as if I've just run a marathon (and if sweating like that does burn a similar amount of calories, I"m all in!). I'll mop off my neck, kick off the covers, breathe deep, and within minutes be chilly again. On and off, on and off, hot and cold, hot and cold. 

At acupuncture yesterday I asked if they could do points to clear some of that heat? Nope. Apparently they will not do that during this time of my cycle (I was 11dpo) in case I am pregnant. Your body needs that heat to keep cooking the baby.  I sure hope that's what my body is up to!

I also had my first dream last night with a little girl that was clearly our daughter. I knew this because I called her by name (we know what our first daughters' name will be- let's just say it's Lo for "Little One"). Lo was about 1 1/2, 2 years old with brown curly hair. There was a woman with us whom I was asking about my hot flashes- and she indicated those were definitely a sign of pregnancy. I said to Lo "Say Hi, Lo, to the lady." She took out her pacifier and said "Hi, Lo!" It was pretty cute. There was also an odd unspoken understanding that Lo would have a nose piercing at some point in her life (there's got to be something funky in a dream. And if that's true, not until you are at least 18, Lo!)

Such is the stuff of life. Ying/Yang, On/Off, Hot/Cold.... hopefully leading to the ultimate balance that will have us officially saying "Hi, Lo!" to our new child.

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