Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Austin's Allergy Forecast & Other Ramblings

Did you know that our city's allergens are so bad that we have a daily allergy forecast?

When I first moved to Austin in 1999, I heard rumors about these notorious allergies. People said that it often took years to develop them, but eventually, most locals would become goners.

I think my time has come.

I woke up yesterday morning with a sore, scratchy throat and was a bit alarmed that I might be getting sick. The rest of the day was spent in a sneezy, snotty haze. Today all of those symptoms have been joined by nasty muscle aches- which found me googling if tylenol was OK to take during the first trimester (I am assuming and acting as though we are pregnant during this two-week wait). Seems "ash" has been high the last couple of days- wondering why that didn't come up during my awesome allergy screening back in October? I doubt that dust mites have suddenly exploded out of control (though there are obscene numbers of dust bunnies in our house right now. My trusty Swifter Sweeper bit the dust and I've been too lazy to replace it).

And in other news- my boobs are totally OUT.OF.CONTROL- again. Gracious. They are needing to be physically held while going up and down stairs, can't have ANY pressure against them (hugs, cats on the lap) and are bursting out of my bras. Admittedly they look awesome, but good Lord. As I did back in December, I am fully attributing this to Gonal-F- yet at the same time remaining hopeful that maybe there are other reasons at play for their blow up. Time will tell.

My acupuncturist confirmed that it was probably best to lay off pilates during this TWW. And because of these allergies, I am avoiding outdoor walks as well. So what's a girl to do at the absence of her regular exercise routines? Here's my plan:

Eat homemade chocolate chip cookies:

 If I can't shrink my behind, might as well add some deliciousness to it

Read through my newest Frou-Frou book additions:

I am fascinated by the whole "we plan our life ahead of time" concept.
  I am hoping the lessons in this fertility struggle are learned and conquered ASAP!!

Ponder the purchase of this Anthropologie dress that I've tried on for two days in a row now:

Can't quite justify it, but dang is it cute!

I have a 2 day real estate class tomorrow and Friday, and would like to officially apologize to all those unlucky folks who will be in the class with me. I shall be a sneezing, snotty mess- but hey! I'm not contagious- it's just those awesome Austin allergies.

Here's to the forecast changing soon- something along the lines of "sunny with a good chance of babies" would be nice. ; )

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  1. Oh Anthropologie. Totally my guilty shopping pleasure. Have you every checked ModCloth? They have a lot of Anthro knock-offs for about 1/2 the price of the real deal! Also, your cookies make my tummy grown. Nom nom nom!