Saturday, October 12, 2013

11 Months Old!

Sweet Iyla Grace, today you are 11 months old! You are becoming more and more a little 'person' and less a baby- an independent, silly, affectionate, smart, careful, curious, creative soul whom we adore more and more with each passing day.

Here are your 11 month updates!

How old? 11 months today

How big? Here are your monthly shots with Sam:

Sleep? We are finally getting back to a good sleeping groove since our trip to Colorado. I think everyone needed to catch up! Toward the end of our trip you started taking 2 hour morning naps, and this has continued since we've been home! You nap for 3-4 hours a day now, which is amazing. You have slept through the night 3x since we returned, and the other nights will wake up 1x to nurse.

Teeth? Haven't written about teeth in my blog entries thus far... because... there are NONE. You are still all gums! Looks like you are following my genetics on that one- your Mimi says I was one year old when I got my first tooth.

Food? You have developed such a diverse palate, and I like to think you have gums of steel! You will pretty much try anything we give you and usually end up eating it. Lately you have been LOVING fish, shredded cheese, roasted broccoli, peas, and scrambled eggs. You are still nursing 5 to 6x/day as well- morning, before and after each nap, and evening.

You've figured out how to tip your sippy cup back to get the water out, and how to make very adorable poses & faces while doing it:

The other night we took a family walk to one of our favorite local food/drink spots- Weather Up- where you enjoyed drinking out of playing with our cocktail glasses:

You also still enjoy eating leaves:

Potty time? You are doing great! You sit on your potty every morning and after every nap. When I observe you starting to strain I'll say to you "hold on- let's go sit on the potty"- to which you DO wait and then poo on the potty! This even happened at the airport en route from Colorado to Austin. We were playing and I saw you make your "i have to go face"- you then waited and went in the airport bathroom!

You love to play with your Potty Time book while on the potty- pushing the button to make the flushing noise. Too cute!

Potty time is always entertaining


*Crawling was a big one this month! You are getting more and more adept at it, and starting to use it more to get to where you want (usually to tackle Sam).

*In the past few days you've started doing a really cute little laughing guffaw when you want attention. You were doing it while we waited at the chiropractor last week- scanning the room to see if people were watching you and when they weren't, making that little 'ha-ha-ha" sound until someone noticed you!

*You are signing so much more to communicate! You have more, milk, & book down and are starting to do all done and water on your own. You also make a panting noise whenever you see a picture of a dog!

* You started "play acting"this month. We mimic jumping into the water during swim lessons when you are in your bath- saying the Humpty Dumpty rhyme & making your little ducks jump in and kick-kick-kick. You also try to brush your own hair!

*You have started mimicking OUR sounds. When we do a duck or bird call, you try to repeat whatever it is back to us.

On a side note- I'm noticing more and more how immediately hot or cold you are with the people you meet. Pretty much ANYONE needs to gently, calmly take the time to let you warm up before they can hope to hold you. If they come in too energetic or fast you will take extra long to warm up. Some people you seem to really LOVE right away. Tops in your book are babies, kids, & adult males (usually with facial hair). We're in trouble there!


Your current loves:

*Books, books, BOOKS! You can't get enough of them and ask to read (by signing) all.the.time:

Signing "more books!"

*You absolutely adore cats, and have taken to tackling the neighbor kittens as well as Sam:

Poor neighbor kitty keeps coming back for more

Sam still gets plenty of his own daily tackles

*You LOVE the Itsy-Bitsy spider song and have started to do the motions with me. If I want your attention or need you to smile for a photo I just start singing this song!

*Your magnets! You play happily at our fridge with your magnet collection while I cook and clean up. You know the word 'magnet' and get so excited when I ask if you want to go play with them.

*You love being outside so much. Whether it be for morning walks or porch play time, it is definitely your happy place. Thank goodness the weather is finally cooling off! We have many months of fun outdoor play ahead of us.

*You continue to love playtime in front of the mirror, and have started enjoying trying on my hats. You will sign "more" while looking at the row of hats hanging on the wall!

*You love pulling up to stand. You are getting really good at it and try to pull up on almost anything around you:

Current dislikes:

*Clothing changes. You have started really fighting this! You do not like to hold still long enough for someone to fiddle with you. This also extends to diaper changes.

*Post-meal clean up. You really dislike having your face & hands wiped after meals! You break out into instant sobs (short lived) when we break out the washcloth.


*Sleeping on vacations

*Having someone hold you before YOU are ready

Postpartum body? 

*I've started seeing a hand therapist in hopes of totally eradicating my Mommy Thumb. I have a bunch of exercises & icing I have to do 2x/day to stretch and strengthen my wrists. Apparently I have extremely poor wrist strength, which is how I got into this predicament in the first place.

*My cycles have regulated to 31 days. I am pretty sure last month was the first I actually ovulated! This month's cycle was very short, light, & happily cramp free.

Most looking forward to: Celebrating our birthdays next month! We are not planning to do the whole big 1st birthday party hoopla. I've been having conflicting feelings about that, but at the end of the day your Papa and I agree we just want to have a cozy day with you on your birthday- with lots of love, photos, & a smash cake. : ) We will celebrate with family again at the Holidays!

Here are your official 11 month photos. We love you so much sweet girl!

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  1. Awesome update! Iyla is developing so much right now! Thanks for the idea for magnets -- need to buy some baby-friendly magnets for the boys to play with at the fridge.