Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rocky Mountain High- Vail

Our Vail leg of the trip hasn't been quite as expected, nor is the high we are experiencing that of John Denver fame.

When we arrived Sunday, Iyla went down for a TWO hour afternoon nap (that is pretty unheard of for her). When she awoke, her cheeks were bright red & she was extremely hot to the touch. Our poor little lady has been running anywhere from a 102-103 degree fever ever since. Baby ibuprofen is helping to reduce her temps, but she is not a happy camper- and hence, none of us are super happy campers. Bless her little heart- she is still playing & giving us smiles, but is definitely not feeling well and is much fussier & tired than usual. She also hasn't wanted ANY solid foods- but thankfully is still nursing regularly.

Smiles upon arrival and before the fever set in

Sweet girl hanging in there at dinner Sunday night (and how cute are baby jeans?!)

Poor sick bird, having had enough at dinner. One of us would walk her around while the other ate.

Today I am going to try to get her into the local clinic, so we can at least rule out something easy to treat like an ear infection. Here's hoping the experience isn't another repeat of our Infamous Easter visit- where poor Iyla was poked and prodded only to conclude she was teething.

On a side note, I'd like to give HUGE kudos to The Sebastian Hotel in Vail. We aren't actually staying here- we are next door in my cousin's studio apartment- but we are basically 'living' at the hotel, taking all of our meals here and using their amazing kids' playroom (conveniently connected to one of the restaurants- so we eat in the playroom!). Sunday night their concierge even sent out a runner to get us medicine for Iyla. Amazing. If you are ever in the Vail area it is absolutely THE place to stay!

The incredible playroom. This is actually a kitchen I've had my eye on for Iyla!

Cartoons, toys, & delicious food

We have been taking lots of walks with Iyla to get plenty of fresh air. Here are some photos from the Vail leg of our Colorado adventures:

Today we head about 15 minutes further up into the mountains to stay in a mountain lodge resort for the night- The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch. Here's hoping our sweet little lady kicks this illness SOON!

This one just makes me laugh. Baby vest FAIL!


  1. Sorry to hear you've got a sick baby while traveling! That sounds miserable! I commend you guys for doing so much traveling with Iyla!

  2. The mountains look gorgeous, and glad you are hanging in there with Iyla. For sick little girl, she really pulls it off :). She is also rocking the fall weather wear. Too cute!!!