Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our Rosy Girl

After another day of Iyla scream crying when being put down for naps and waking from naps, being very fussy & tired & running a 102-103 fever, I decided it was time to see a doctor. I was SO hoping for a better experience than the last time I took her in when sick, and I have to say- the clinic we visited in Vail was AMAZING.

Ready to rock out while waiting for our Vail doctor

We were seen almost immediately, and the nurse & doctor were so sweet and caring. The doctor did a full examination of Iyla (who is now a whopping 15 lbs, 8oz!), but unlike the clinic we visited last April in Austin, didn't see the need to draw blood or urine or do anything invasive to our sweet little lady.

He said that all of her vital signs were 'perfect,' and highly suspected she had a virus called Roseola.  She hasn't had any cough, runny nose, or other issues other than being very sad & fussy with this high fever. Having never heard of Roseola before, here are a couple interesting things I learned:

*It is characterized by a suddenly high fever that can last 3-7 days (we are on day #5 and it has gradually gone down from 103 to now 99.5- much better!)

*A rash typically breaks out once the fever ends. This signals the end part of the virus, and the rash itself isn't uncomfortable for the little one. At this point they usually feel much better! No rash yet on Iyla...

*The virus is a strain of the Herpes Simplex virus

*It is highly contagious- but most adults have already had this virus when young, and like chicken pox- once you have it you have a pretty strong immunity to catching it again. So it spreads quickly from kiddo to kiddo, but it is highly unlikely BC or I will catch it.

*The high fever can cause a scary but harmless 'fever seizure' in some kids. Thankfully Iyla hasn't had one, but I am glad the doctor warned us about it!

The doctor said to stay on top of meds for keeping her fever down, and suggested we try suppositories as well as oral drops (which Iyla has strongly started to resist).

Big girl in the doctor's office

The face of a babe who doesn't feel well

But we can still make her smile!

Last night Iyla was up a LOT and really restless, and I instinctively knew she was starting to feel better. She seemed voraciously hungry and hyper throughout the night (nursing at 12, 3, & 5:45 and stirring many times in between)- whereas the previous nights she had been sleeping pretty hard. At her 3am nursing I took her into the bathroom to re-dose her meds, and chose the suppository route. I was so grateful she wasn't scream crying while I did this -further evidence she was feeling better.

And then? That little stinker peed ALL over her jammies & the floor right after the meds were inserted- as if to say: "if you're gonna stick something in me, I'll let something out on YOU!" Good times. Have I mentioned how exhausted I've been during our trip thus far?

Today she is much more herself- happy, babbling, going down for naps without crying... and I dare say I think the end in sight! Her temp was 101.2 this afternoon, then 99.5 this evening... slowly but surely coming down.

Her starting to feel better is just in time to really enjoy our last day and night at our fancy schmancy resort! It seems we have the entire place to ourselves- there is nary another soul in sight, and we are luxuriating in every moment:

We're ready and excited to see two more of Iyla's aunties on the last leg of our trip. Boulder- here we come!


  1. Poor little girl! I have heard of roseola....and am expecting it once we hit daycare, but the fever is the worst of it, glad you guys made it through. She still looks pretty darn cute - fever and all!

  2. You got some great shots of her here! Looks like you're having a great time! The sad little photo of her and her fever eyes, made me so sad and remembering how sick Ever was in Maui. :( What a little sweetie she is. I'm glad they were able to diagnose her and she is on the mend!

  3. Ugh, being away from home with a sick baby has got to be ROUGH! So sorry you guys had to experience that. That Iyla's so freaking cute, even when she's sick as a dog!