Wednesday, October 2, 2013

In Which We May Never Return From Our Mountain Resort

Holy cow- have we have hit the Colorado lodging JACKPOT here at the Ritz Carlton, Bachelor Gulch.

I knew it was a gorgeous and fancy place from the website, and a splurge for sure. I booked us the cheapest single room they had, which in this off season was shockingly affordable.

Heaven in the mountains (taken from the hotel website)

As an aside- I have a knack for milking recent anniversaries and birthdays when we book hotels. As in- when I booked this stay, I let them know we were celebrating mine and Iyla's birthdays a bit early. Are we really celebrating them while here? No. Is it a bit of a stretch given our birthdays are November 8th and 12th respectively? Yup.

But it almost always pays off. Usually with some kind of complimentary snacks or champagne or something of the like.

And yes, they DID bring us chocolate covered strawberries after we checked into our suite:

Did you catch that? OUR SUITE.

That's right. They upgraded us to the fanciest one bedroom SUITE I have ever stayed in. Not sure if it was my birthday milking or the fact that I called in this morning to ask if our room might be ready early so Iyla could nap there (to which I was put on hold and then told they had moved some things around and a room WAS ready). However it happened, we are seriously pinching ourselves.

The suite is 900 square feet and has a bona fide entryway- A FOYER. With a HALF BATH.

It has a huge living room with a fireplace. A corner bedroom with 2 walls of windows overlooking the fall foliage on the mountains. A ridiculous bathroom that has a soaking tub beneath another huge picture window. Real wood doors, trim, floors.

This will do! (also taken from hotel website)

As soon as we saw the accommodations, we decided to investigate staying a 2nd night if they would extend the upgrade at our current low rate. Happily it is a go! We'll luxuriate here another day and night... taking leisurely hikes, swimming in the heated pool, and nursing our sweet little Iyla back to health.

Speaking of Iyla, we did visit with the doc in Vail yesterday regarding her fevers- updates to come in my next post!

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  1. OMG WORK IT GURLLLL!!! That place is gorgeous!!!