Sunday, October 6, 2013

Boulder: Snow, a Rash, and Cedar & Hyde Mercantile

We made it to Boulder and lo and behold- the Roseola rash made an appearance! I never thought I'd be so excited to see a rash on Iyla. It appears the diagnosis was correct, which signaled the end of the virus. Woot!

'Really Mama?'

Iyla was definitely feeling better, but her sleep got horrendous. The full on vacation sleep mode settled in. On Thursday night she was up at 10, 12, from 2-2:30, 4, & 5:15. And NOT having me just put her paci in at any of those times. Full on crying until I took her into my arms and nursed. On Friday she decided this was a fun new schedule and tried to repeat it. I nursed at 10, then at 12am tried to let her 'cry it out' a bit. She fussed & cried for awhile- fell asleep for literally 3 minutes, then started up again. So I went to her and nursed, and we repeated this at 4 and 5am. I am feeling a need for a vacation from my vacation!

On our first night in Boulder we got takeout with my high school sweetheart (still friends!), his wife, and their 3 year old son. Little Graham LOVED Iyla and wanted to play with her, help feed her, & hold her. The feeling was mutual!

Since I wasn't able to get any shots of the adults together (given we were all wrangling the kiddos)- I bring you a throwback from my high school prom with Shawn. Between his mullet and my bangs, we were a serious fire hazard with all that hairspray!

We thought we were so hot

On Friday morning we awoke to a big surprise- SNOW! It was the first time Iyla had seen it, and she was mesmerized (for about one minute):


Now what's for breakfast?

Iyla then did some morning yoga in front of Aunt Christie's mirror:

And got to wear her warm weather sweater!

Two of BC's sisters- Christie & Poss- have just opened an amazing store in Boulder called Cedar & Hyde Mercantile. We set out for a visit:

The official store greeter

Sitting in a chair like a big girl!

Testing out the kid loot while sitting on one of her other aunt's custom designed rugs. These is a lot of creative talent in BC's family!

After our store visit, we headed to happy hour and were so excited to find our favorite cocktail- the Corpse Reviver #2- on this bar's happy hour menu! It is a rare cocktail to find, and only a handful of bars here in Austin make it:

Iyla lighting up the place, as usual

On Saturday morning, Iyla kept to her typical vacation sleep schedule and rose for the day at 5am. She then took a two hour morning nap from 7-9, which ended up working perfectly with our brunch plans.

We met BC's sisters & Poss' boyfriend Jared out for one last brunch before heading to the airport:

With her beautiful Aunties

Iyla had a serious crush on Jared! She was flirting with him all morning and kept leaning her head in as I took photos. 
We are in trouble with this one!

Iyla did great on the plane ride home. She fell asleep right away, slept for about 40 minutes, and only woke because another kiddo behind us was NOT happy (boo). Per the norm- she and BC were slumbering soundly to each side of me as I tried so hard to nap. Alas, I can NEVER sleep on planes!

Sweet sleepy girl

Awake and hamming it up for the camera

Back in the Austin airport I entertained Iyla with our cart as we waited for luggage:

We arrived past Iyla's bedtime, and she shrieked in delight when she saw her kitty Sam and made sure to give him plenty of good tackles hugs. After I put her down to bed, we watched on the monitor as she pulled to stand and looked around her room - seemingly excited to see her old familiar books and toys again! Happily she slept 8:30-1:30, nursed, then was up again at 5:30am. BC had morning duty so I got the luxury of sleeping in and heading out to my fav Austin coffee shop for breakfast. 

Today Iyla and I will head to a friend's 1st birthday party before our nanny Veronica comes over. BC and I are looking forward to a much needed date night, since we haven't had a relaxed meal together in over a week! 

It feels good to be home. : )

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