Sunday, March 18, 2012

Green! (March Photo Challenge, Day 17)

I have been surrounded by all things green on this trip, so was excited that this was the subject of today's photo challenge.

On Friday, I left Old Man Jones BC behind and headed into town for a solo hike along the Cypress Creek. I love how this particular hiking path is right in the middle of downtown, yet feels miles away from any civilization. Pure bliss.

 I found a cozy place to perch along the creek, where the water was rushing by in roaring rapids. All the rain we've been getting has greatly helped this little creek's water levels!

I also discovered an amazing tree whose bark was slowly but surely 'molting,' leaving behind beautiful, artistic grooves (sadly I think the tree might be dead/dying, but what an amazing shell it is leaving behind):

BC and I headed into downtown San Marcos yesterday afternoon to partake in the St. Patty's Day festivities. The folks at Palmer's did not disappoint- every single drink that came out was- you guessed it- green:

And upon returning home, we found Mr. Otis perched at the cottage window- flirting and meeping back and forth with his new country girlfriend:

'Hey pretty thang, you should come check out my pad in Austin sometime!'

Today is our last full day in Wimberley. BC hobbled headed into town for a round of golf, while I plan to just lounge around with the kitties all day- reading, drawing, napping- luxuriating in the quiet and solitude before we return to the buzz of our active daily lives tomorrow.

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  1. I'm catching up on photo posts right now and my goodness this is beautiful! Your solo hike photos almost don't look real. Love love love them!