Tuesday, March 27, 2012

These are the weeks of our lives

I always thought it was confusing when pregnant women spoke about how far along they were in terms of weeks.

"Oh you're pregnant! How far along are you?"

"14 weeks."

Cue me doing some really fast mental math-

"So you're 3 months?"

"Well, yes- but 3 months and two WEEKS."

I get it now. And because I am still so early in the journey, the weeks AND days make a big difference! Today I am considered 4 weeks, 5 days pregnant (if my conception date of March 8th is accurate. During the full moon- woot!) Every single week marks amazing development- especially in this early phase. For example, at week 4, the embryo looks a bit like this picture:

No bigger than the size of a poppy seed, this little one is going through incredible changes.

Then, just a week later, the embryo starts looking like a primitive shrimp- a fetus!

It is now the size of an orange seed, and it's little heart can be seen developing
 (though likely not heard yet).

It is still hard to fathom that I am really pregnant. I.AM.PREGNANT. My boobs are definitely telling me something is up (so sore- but no larger than normal yet- sorry BC!). I also have a constant feeling of pressure down on my lower left abdomen, and have definitely been making more trips to the bathroom & refrigerator.

I have another beta draw on Thursday to see my numbers, and I think in another 2 weeks (at 7 weeks gestation) I will get to have my first sonogram, where we pray to see a strong heartbeat! Can't wait for that appointment. Another 'two week wait,' but a much more fun one this round.

And for those of you who enjoy my "frou-frou" postings, here's one for you.

On Sunday afternoon I decided to take a brisk walk along the water in the spring sunshine. It was much warmer than I expected it to be, and at the end of the walk I sat down under a tree to stretch and mop the sweat from my brow. I did a brief meditation, and asked to connect to the energy of the little ones coming to us (I sense two of them- not necessarily both coming at the same time- now wouldn't THAT be a shock?!- but a 2nd one coming eventually).

I always feel the first little one's energy on my left side. I strongly suspect she is a girl, but time will tell! I felt her energy- and with it got an immediate wave of nausea. Awesome. That one has some powerful mojo! I would not be surprised at all if he/she came a little early & was a feisty Scorpio.

When I called in the energy of the other little one- always to my right, it was like a cool, calm, soothing blue/purple energy to balance out the fiery spiraling energy of the left. I then sensed them both dancing merrily around me- and immediately got an ocular migraine. So strange- often when I see my psychic friend Cristy I'll get an immediate ocular migraine, so not sure if that has to do with the strong psychic energy around? Or maybe I just overheated on my walk.

Note to self: no more calling in baby energy when overheated. Bad combo.


And here are my March Photos for days 25-27:

Day #25, "SPARKLE"

I dug out this necklace at the beginning of the month and have been wearing it ever since. I now consider it an absolute lucky charm! BC purchased it for me on a trip to Madison years ago, and if you look closely, you'll see a little fairy figure saddling 2 stone "eggs." I love it.

Day #26- "DRINK"

We started our first garden last Saturday! Here's BC giving our little baby plants a drink of water. Grow little ones, grow! Hoping they survive and thrive. We are total novices, and were just so excited the next day to see that the plants were actually still there. 

And lastly, Day #27- "FRESH"

I was driving through a residential Austin neighborhood the other day, and came upon an entire vacant lot filled with these gorgeous wildflowers! The first sign that spring is definitely here. The air was crisp and fresh with the smell of honeysuckle. 


  1. Congrats on your surprise BFP! That's awesome.

    It is incredible how things progress and how much is going on in there from week to week and even day to day! So amazing.

  2. Hi from ICLW.

    Congrats on your pregnancy, how very exciting!

  3. Here via ICLW and there must be something in the ICLW water this month, as I just came from another blog with a woman who just found out she was pregnant too!

    Anyway, wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy/baby!

    I enjoyed reading the "frou-frou" part of your post and seeing your pictures! Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you also for visiting and commenting on my blog.

    Take care,
    Kathy :)

    ICLW #6

  4. Jules!
    So glad I found this blog.

    I'm also in ATX... in fact, I also just did an injections/IUI cycle with Dr. V
    after a loss in december~

    my story is over here:

    anyway, Congratulations on your new journey and thank you so much for sharing your story so beautifully!