Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wimberley Mornings (March Photos, Day #16)

The photo prompt for day #16 of this month's challenge is "Morning."

Mornings in Wimberley have been quiet, slow, & gentle. I've been getting up earlier than I normally would on vacation in order to partake in the delicious 9am breakfasts our B&B provides:

Eggs, crispy bacon, & coffee every morning with the occasional pancake treat!

Seems the boys are enjoying their lazy mornings at the Watermelon Cottage as well:

Keeping their eyes peeled for new friends- 
which include several meandering peacocks & 2 neighbor kitties.

Also? My Hill Country hair has been OUT.OF.CONTROL. I'm not sure if it is the water or the weather out here, but I have been rockin' some seriously kinky mullet-esque hair:

Not sure this even qualifies as business in front....

Unfortunately this kinky hair isn't just a morning problem- I've been plugging in my hair iron no less than 4x/day in an attempt to tame this wild beast. It will smooth out temporarily, then return within the hour to its unruly state. *sigh*

Babycakes and I have a new crush on a nearby city called San Marcos, which is only 20 minutes from our cottage. Last night was our 2nd trip in to explore this adorable college town, and we discovered an A-mazing restaurant called Palmer's. It is a quaint, hip, & beautiful spot with so many unique sections to sit and enjoy specialty cocktails & incredible food. BC and I started at their groovy bar, partaking in the happy hour specials with Mexican Martinis & queso. We then moved to the outdoor garden area for dinner, and finished up back inside snuggling on some vintage couches for a nightcap.

This was about the time BC was over my taking pictures of him (this may have been the 10th-11th shot of him on the couch? What can I say- when I see excellent lighting and a cute boy, I go crazy).

Happy St. Patty's Day, Dear Readers! Hope you're wearing a bit of green today. BC and I plan to head back into San Marcos to this pub and perhaps indulge in a little of this:

Oh Irish Car Bombs- how do you magically mix to taste like a chocolate shake? 


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  1. My very fashion-forward girlfriend Rhonda's take on big "Country Hair" is this: "The bigger the hair, the smaller the waist!" According Ms. Rhonda, you need to embrace and rock that big pretty hair! :)