Thursday, March 15, 2012

Old Man Jones (March Photos, Days 13-15)

Babycakes and I set out yesterday for our first official Wimberley hike. The plan was to drive to Canyon Lake and hike the beautiful trails that trace the water. BC brought his walking stick- "Lee Hunt"- (story on that here from BC's blog) to help navigate the rocky terrain.

Not even 5 minutes into our hike, Old Man Jones showed up.

Old Man Jones is a moniker we've given to BC, teasing him about our 5 year age difference (he is 5 years my senior and as such, obviously robbing the cradle). We were just approaching the point where the trail opened up toward the lake, when BC's calf muscle gave out. This is an unfortunate recurring injury which most often occurs when BC runs. Clutching Lee Hunt for dear life, Old Man Jones announced we would need to abandon the hike.

Not to be deterred from our Canyon Lake adventure, we decided that in lieu of hiking, we'd head down for some Bloody Marys at The Lucky Sailor Oyster Bar, whose sign purported they were open 'ALL YEAR ROUND!' Upon arrival, another sign greeted us: CLOSED FOR THE WINTER. Really? It's mid-March in TEXAS, people- and 80 degrees.

Re-naming the area CAN'T-yon Lake, we decided adventuring here was not meant to be, and retreated back to the cottage.

Good thing for us we are really good at doing a whole 'lotta nothing. We've been enjoying lazy, lazy days with the kitties in our cottage- reading, writing, doing yoga (well, not Old Man Jones)- then heading into town each night for dinner.

Last night's dinner was especially memorable. We headed to downtown Wimberley to try out Linda's Fine Foods,  choosing to sit outdoors at a picnic table & enjoy the gorgeous weather. I immediately noticed the diners at the table behind BC. Without him having any idea what was going on, I carefully framed & designed my shot, asking him to smile. Here's what resulted- my pick for Photo #14's prompt, DESIGN:

'Cracking' up at BC's oblivion, haha

Wimberley is also known for its plethora of adorable downtown shops, and BC and I have enjoyed perusing the stores, hunting for new treasures to help build up the character of our home.  For Photo #15- BUILD- I took a picture of some groovy light sconces that really got my creative juices flowing:

We are definitely loving our time here in the Hill Country- exploring the neighboring cities (we've hit New Braunfels and San Marcos in addition to Wimberley). However, Austin will always be our One True Love, and being away from it definitely makes our hearts grow fonder. 

In conclusion, and representing Photo #13- GLOW- I bring you our beloved Austin at sunset, as seen last week from the patio of one of our favorite wine bars, Uncorked:

Don't worry Dear City of ours, we'll be home soon!

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