Monday, March 19, 2012

Stretch (March Photo Challenge, Day 18)

I was relaxing at home yesterday when Irene, the woman who cleans our cottages, came by. Making polite conversation, we chatted for awhile, leading up to the inevitable question of whether BC and I had any kids?

"Uh, not yet.... we're working on that. How about you?" 

"Well, I lost 2 babies. I tried to have children for years, then lost one when I was 3 months pregnant. Seven years later I lost another pregnancy very early, then wasn't ever able to get pregnant again."

Awkward silence as I contemplate how to respond.

"Well, actually BC and I have been trying ourselves for almost 3 years, and just lost a pregnancy in December. I totally understand the journey."

"I lost both my pregnancies in December too!"

And thus the sisterhood of infertility continues, reminding me again how unexpectedly extensive this community is.  Every woman has a story, and behind every woman's story is immense strength.

Speaking of women's stories, remember my friend who got pregnant last November on her first IVF cycle, that sadly became an ectopic pregnancy? This lady has truly been through the ringer- not only did she have a rough initial go of it, but she and her husband were having to pay for every procedure completely out of pocket, and this fertility stuff sure ain't cheap. 

She was finally cleared to have her FET (frozen embryo transfer) at the beginning of this month, and just learned that she is PREGNANT! And her numbers are amazing. Whereas in November her first beta was on the low side at 38, this time around her first draw came in at 535, her 2nd at 1214!! We are all wondering if there might be two little ones cooking in there, given the strong HCG levels. Please send prayers her way for a healthy pregnancy.

The interesting thing is, when she first found out that IVF was her and her husband's only option to have children, I had a very vivid dream. In the dream, she was very pregnant, and I either wasn't pregnant yet, or was not showing yet. After her miscarriage last November, I then got pregnant in December, and wondered about the validity of the dream. Then I too miscarried, and now she is back to blazing the trail, carrying the pregnancy torch for us- and I sincerely hope our good news is on its way as well. 


And for today's photo challenge subject, "Stretch," I bring you morning yoga with BC & Mr. Otis:


  1. Love these photos! Kitties assisting with yoga are both adorable and annoying :)

  2. It's amazing the stories that people have, and the common thread they can have!

  3. I love the yoga cats!

    Sending good thoughts to your friend.

    Hi from IComLeavWe!

  4. I love stories like these. It's so hard to feel alone in your journey and loss and then sometimes out of the blue you find a connection.

    Your title was so accurate for the story, to make connections, sometimes we have to stretch: our comfort zones, ourselves and our faith in others.

    Be well.

  5. I'm just catching up on my reading - - - been on a little vacation myself - -and am soo excited for this good news!! Honestly, Jules, I love reading your blog and find that some of your discoveries parallel my own at a completely different stage of life. This journey of life is such an adventure!! God Bless You & Yours.