Monday, March 5, 2012

March Photo Challenge, Days 3-5

What a gorgeous weekend (and Monday) we are having here in Austin! Perfectly idyllic weather- sunny, breezy, 70 degree heaven. Babycakes was out of town this weekend, so I took the opportunity to have some good girl time with a couple of my besties- including evening margaritas and morning brunches.

I have a little catching up to do on my March Photo Challenge! 
Here are days 3-5: 

Day 3: "Domestic"
This is how I found BC after a long day working in the yard

Day 4: "Illuminate"
 This shot was a complete accident! We were in our NYC hotel elevator, where I was turning on the camera for another shot. Apparently the camera took a bonus shot, which was discovered later while going through pictures.

Day 5: "Commute"
No two days' commute is ever the same in the Real Estate world.  I office from home, but am out and about on appointments all day long. This shot was taken while seeing acreage property up in Georgetown. My client (shown above) and I met a friend while meandering down a long country driveway. Ms. Donkey was happy to have visitors!

Over the weekend I also decided I was ready to move forward with scheduling another laparoscopic surgery. I feel like my body needs a few months off of hormones to recover and get in tip top shape, so it makes sense during the down time to also get cleaned out inside. Unfortunately, I just found out Dr. Vaughn is booked out quite a ways, with the end of April being the soonest I could schedule. That is another 2 cycles away! 

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